I’m not sure if it’s because today seemed kind of like the beginning of fall, even though I know it’s not, or what is going on but I’ve had the biggest craving for apple pie pops all day! They’re like little heavenly pockets of apple, in an adorable little crust and served on a stick!
I actually made these back in May after I saw a post on http://aimeebroussard.com/tag/pie-pops/! Mine came out nowhere NEAR as adorbs as hers did, but it was my first attempt, so perhaps my next batch will turn out cuter than these did. Regardless, they tasted yummy and I sure wish I had some right now!

I can only imagine how difficult it must be when you’re 8 and your mom hands you one of these but says NOT to eat it! Does she seriously expect you to just pose with it a whole bunch of times and NOT bite into it? Poor Emi! She’s such a good sport. Just look at those pleading eyes!

Don’t worry, I let her eat it eventually….in addition to a few more!