In our home, we are HUGE fans of The Switch Witch! In case you were wondering who she is, she’s a friend of The Tooth Fairy, The Easter Bunny & Santa Claus! The Switch Witch is an easy way to lure the candy away from your kids without them being upset about it. (and yes I know that I’m a parent and I could also just monitor the candy intake or just say “no”) 
Basically, the story goes like this:
“If you’d like to set aside a few pieces of your favorite candy in a hidden place and place the rest out with a note for The Switch Witch, she’ll visit our house when you’re sleeping, take the candy, and leave you a surprise in exchange.” 
This must be done within the week following Halloween, before she goes away for the year. The Switch Witch doesn’t HAVE TO leave a giant surprise, it’s just whatever your preference is. 
I think Emi lucked out this year.