Join the Newly Promoted Captain Jake and His New “Never Land League of Pirate Captains” as They Battle the Evil Lord Fathom! “Captain Jake and the Never Land Pirates:
The Great Never Sea Conquest will be available to own on Disney DVD January 12th!
Here’s a synopsis:

Join newly promoted Captain Jake as he unites Never Land’s all-time greatest pirates! When evil mer-witch Ezmeralda tries to take over the Never Sea by awakening the Strake, a legendary three-headed sea serpent, Jake and his crew try to intervene but encounter Lord Fathom and his sidekick Sinker. Jake forms a team of “Never Land League of Pirate Captains” to battle them all and in the process, outfitted with a magical new sword and a powerful new ship, (the Mighty Colossus), he becomes a Captain himself. Loaded with excitement, additional adventures and a powerful message about believing in yourself, this high-stakes, high-seas adventure is oceans of swashbuckling fun for everyone!

The Great Never Sea Conquest DVD includes these 6 additional episodes of the hit Disney Junior series:

  • Into the Heart of Coldness
  • The Remarkable Beardini!
  • Escape from Ghost Island
  • The Island of Doctor Undergear
  • Rise of the Pirate Pharaoh
  • The Golden Hook

It also includes these bonus episodes:

  • The Mystery of the Mighty Colossus
  • The Doubloon Monsoon
  • Shark Attack!
  • Captain Hook’s Colossal Collision

The DVD is over 2 hours of fun! Also, FREE inside every DVD is an exclusive 3D Colossus puzzle ship you can’t get anywhere else! Jake Packshot

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