I recently shared about our experience going through the adoption process when we adopted our cat, Lucy Belle. She is a beautiful Momma cat who has quite a back story, prior to our being her owners. pet-adoption-lucyAt the time we were looking to adopt her, we were really only looking to adopt one cat but ended up with two!  It seemed like like each time we’d visit another animal shelter or contact an animal rescue about an adoption, every volunteer we dealt with would tried to get us to consider adopting two cats together. It just wasn’t something we were interested in at the time. Well, I will totally admit now that they were all right! adopt-two-cats-togetherOnce we learned our soon-to-be-cat had a litter of kittens somewhere (they were being fostered elsewhere), we were beyond determined to adopt both the momma AND her female kitten. adopt-two-cats-lucy-belleAfter a lot of persistence, we finally succeeding in adopting her kitten too, Lilly Belle, about a week after we adopted Lucy. It was well worth the wait! adopt-two-cats-lilly-belleHere are 4 great reasons why YOU should consider adopting TWO cats instead of just one:

You’re saving an extra life!
If you look at the Big Picture, by adopting TWO cats, you are directly helping to alleviate the overpopulation of cats who are stuck in shelters and rescues.  Sadly, many of the ones in shelters even end up being euthanized because there’s just no space. You are literally saving another life when you adopt two. adopt-two-cats-heads-togetherThey’ll keep each other company.
I am totally guilty of running home right after work or cutting a night out short because I want to check on my cat. If you have TWO of them at home, they keep each other company and you won’t feel so much guilt. This is such an ideal situation. adopt-two-cats-snuggleThey’ll always have someone to play with.
Everyone knows you can’t play Hide-and-Seek or Tag with just one person (or just one cat)! These are just two of the games that cats love to play. If you have two, it makes it way easier for them to play. Humans are only fun to play with to a certain point, but felines can play all night long. (I know this from experience). adopt-2-cats-hide-and-seekadopt-two-cats-peekingYou cannot be considered a “Crazy Cat Lady” with just one cat!
Nowadays, having the title “Crazy Cat Lady” is a very prestigious one. However, you can hardly call yourself one if you have just one cat! I’d say it’s a two-cat minimum! adopt-two-cats-crazy-cat-ladyI’m joking about that last part, but you get what I”m saying! You should definitely consider adopting two (or more) cats! I can assure you that you won’t regret the decision! pet-adoption-no-real-reason-not-to-adopt
Have you adopted a cat or other pet? I’d love to hear about it! Share your experience with me in the comments.