star-border-coverFriendship is a complex thing, even for young girls. I’ve learned a lot about it over the years and what I’ve come to realize is that friends aren’t always exactly alike. In fact, friends can be quite the opposite, as far as their tastes and favorites, but what they share in common is spending time together having fun.

friendsSometimes it seems like kids place too much importance on trying to be like others, and not enough of themselves. It’s OK to have individual tastes and be different from your friends. I’ve worked hard to teach this to my daughter.


This is why I love CHARM IT! necklaces, bracelets, and charms! Have you seen them before? It’s a premier brand that’s available worldwide and sold exclusively at independent specialty retailers and premium department stores. When CHARM IT! recently sent me some gift packs of bracelets, I was excited for my daughter to give them to her little circle of friends!

CHARM-IT-gift-setCHARM IT has 100’s of different charms to choose from that you can purchase to attach to a chain necklace or bracelet. Here are just some of the categories girls can choose charms from:

charm-it-charmsWith so many different charms to choose from, friends can build a necklace or bracelet that best fits their individual personalities, while still being able to attach some charms that are the same as their friends’ charms. Each of the charms has adorable details (some are even blingy), they’re sturdy and easily clasp on. bracelet

My daughter and her circle of friends each have a pink chain bracelet with 3 charms attached: a cupcake, a blinged out high top tennis shoe and a “friends” charm. There is still plenty of room for each of them to add additional charms that have to do with their own personalities.

charmsI think these are some of the cutest things I’ve seen for girls and am excited for the girls to continue to build up their collection of charms on their own bracelets. What do YOU do to encourage your own daughter’s individuality?

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