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As a teacher and a mom, I know the invaluable importance of reading. Establishing the love of reading in a child starts early and it starts at home. There’s no better way to help a child love to read than to read with them. For younger-aged children, having access to a variety of picture books and books that are simple to read can really help motivate them. Clever Publishing has a beautiful collection of books and was kind enough to send me copies of “First Words” and “First Animals”.

These encyclopedia books each contain over 500 words, which means there are at least 500 things to learn from each one. Clever Encyclopedias offer children interesting facts about exciting topics in an illustrated, accessible format. Each edition includes activities and exercises designed to keep readers engaged and inspire meaningful learning connections. These books are a valuable addition for any child’s library and I’m putting them into my kindergarten classroom library for my students to share and enjoy.Be sure to look out for Clever Publishing’s release of “My First Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs” which will be avaialbe on November 19, 2019. For more information and to look at Clever Publishing’s entire collection of books, please visit their site HERE.

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