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Let’s Talk About Pool Safety 101

With school out and the summer break in full swing, families everywhere are often looking for a fun place to spend the day cooling down from the summer heat. With pool safety being a top priority for parents, it’s important to visit a facility that’s trusted in the community and is equally committed to keeping your children’s safety a top priority.

Here are some quick pool safety tips brought to you by Renaissance Club Sport Aliso Viejo:

· Implement a ‘safety break’– Kids can play in the pool for hours on end, which can cause them to become very fatigued. For this reason, experts recommend giving any children under 12 years of age a 10-minute break every hour on the hour. These breaks are a perfect opportunity for children to use the restroom, reapply sunscreen, hydrate, fuel up, and recollect their strength in preparation for re-entry into the pool.

· Invest in swim lessons – According to the CDC, children ages 1 to 4 have the highest drowning rates. If your child could use a bit of instruction in the water, the summer is the perfect time to have a professional train them to become accomplished, technically-sound swimmers. By making this investment, it will give your child the tools needed to be a strong swimmer and allow parents an extra piece of mind while at the pool.

· Make a day at the pool fun – By creating engaging activities for kids to participate in while they’re in the pool, it makes swimming a fun and rewarding experience. Various activities like diving and racing allow children to build on their skills, which ultimately creates a safer experience for everyone involved.

Whether you’re looking to enroll your child in a swim class, enjoy a relaxing day poolside, or just to socialize, the pool season has a bit of everything you are looking for this summer. It is important to find a facility that is committed to the safety and enjoyment of all of its patrons and offers all of these amenities and more. Feel free to swing by and enjoy the summer sun with us at Renaissance Club Sport Aliso Viejo! To find out more about aquatics and swimming programs offered by Renaissance Club Sport, click here.

Be safe and remember to live life to discover!

Where to start?

I keep trying to come up with some clever way to start my blog, something extraordinary for my first  post as “The over-the-top Mommy” but I haven’t been able to!  So…I guess I’ll just start with this pic! I am ALL ABOUT the photo booth…and for just $1 at Slater’s 50/50, you can take a sheet of 6 different poses! Yes please! 🙂 So fun!