This is a sponsored campaign with HP and MomSelect. I was compensated and provided with products in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own. HP-Social-Media-Snapshots-Cover

When I was invited to participate in a fun promotion with HP, I jumped at the chance. HP Social Media Snapshots is one of their newer product which allow you to print your social snapshots out directly from your social media channels! They look like 4X5 inch sheets of photo paper but are actually STICKABLE photo paper! After printing out a picture, you can stick it somewhere and then have the option of removing it later, without leaving any damage. Also, you can re-stick it again. It’s such a cool product and is currently available exclusively at Staples.

HP-Social-snapshots-boxHP Social Snapshots was tailored JUST for the HP Social Media Snapshots app! The app is free to download and really easy to use. After you download it, you can choose photos from Instagram, Facebook, Flickr or even pictures from your camera roll.

HP-Social-Media-Snapshots-Print-FromI upload so many pictures on my channels but never actually print them out. My intentions are good and I always meant to, but it’s such a hassle to first send them to my laptop, then pull them up on my laptop,  to finally print them. It’s just too many steps and I’m a busy mom. HP-Social-Media-Snapshots-AppWell, luckily for all of us, the HP Social Media Snapshots app sends the photos directly from your smartphone (or Tablet) to the HP Envy printer to print! The printer functions wirelessly, so you just need to set it up on a network and you can print out the pictures from your phone.

HP-Social-Snapshots-printing-partyHP generously sent me all the supplies I needed to have an printing party in an instant. I received one HP Envy printer, ink, and plenty of the special Snapshots paper. I was able to grab some of my cheer mom friends and their daughters to spend some time playing around with the app and printing out some fun pictures.  As long as their phones were on the same wireless network as the printer, they, too, could print out whatever they wanted What ended up happening was that the girls took over our phones and starting snapping selfies. I guess that’s just what pre-tweens spend a lot of time doing these days?

HP-Social-Snapshots-Selife-1The girls were so busy playing around with our phones, that they had no idea we took a couple pictures of them while they were snapping selfies. Well, they didn’t know until I posted both of the pictures on my Instagram! A picture of a selfie!

HP-Social-Snapshots-Selife-2After I shared the pictures on my Instagram, I went into the HP Social Snapshots app on my phone and printed out both of the pictures from my Instagram. I like printing Instagram  pictures from the Social Snapshots app because they already have the captions and emojis on them, but the app also allows you to add your own caption to any picture and change the frame, the look of the Instagram ones just happens to be my most favorite one.


After you send to print, you just wait and they print out right then and there! It’s really easy, as long as your wireless network is all set up for the printer and the smartphones to run on.


The girls are actually putting together a little album over the year with the HP Social Media Snapshots they printed out and will continue to add to it throughout the cheer season. It’s literally one of the best inventions ever, especially for moms like me who often make the promise of printing pictures out but never really get around to it!


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So, are YOU ready to print out some of your snapshots from your smartphone or Tablet?