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Let’s talk about the old forgotten tradition of “wet shaving”. It’s a tradition that got lost along the way, somewhere between men getting caught up in the rat race and wanting to just get in and out quickly when it came to shaving. In my opinion, the loss of this great tradition is one that’s well worth reviving. Well, I’ve got some great holiday gift ideas to share with you today.west-coast-shaving-razor

West Coast Shaving™‎ is my favorite site to go for all of my wet shaving needs. Have you heard of them before? Their site has a variety of double edge safety razors & straight edge razors, razor blades, shaving soaps & creams, shaving brushes, and after shaves from all of the top brands. They even carry wet shaving products for her.west-coast-shaving-productsI’m fairly new to wet shaving and only started getting really into it about six months ago, Since then, not only have I had the best shaves of my life, but I feel like I get a little bit of daily serenity and “me time”, before the craziness of my hectic work day begins.

If you’re curious about what exactly “wet shaving” is, it’s best explained as“shaving like your Grandpa”! It’s the old, traditional way of shaving with either a safety razor or a straight razor. Depending on your facial hair growth and toughness of facial hair, you will get an average of 3-5 shaves per blade. It’s cost effective because you can pick up 100 blades for a safety razor for under $20.00.

Not only is wet shaving cost effective, t’s also more hygienic. By switching the blade more often, you minimize potential for bacteria which adds to razor burn/rash/and irritation. If you’re hesitant about shaving with a safety razor or straight razor, there’s really no reason to fear it. I literally got through my first safety razor shave experience without one nick, or sign of irritation.One of the nice thing about Wet Shaving Shaving is that they have tutorials on their YouTube to guide you through it all.  Also, their customer service is there to answer any of your questions.
I had the privilege of testing out their new West Coast Shaving Classic Collection Razor 78S, It’s stainless steel and I love the size and weight of this handle. It had such a nice feel in your hand that it makes for a great shaving experience. The textured handle for grip makes it so slipping out of your hand is not an issue. I shave in the shower with shower mirror and have yet to have an issue with dropping my handle (Don’t jinx me).

west-coast-almond-sweet-almondI also tried out their new “Sweet Almond” shave soap, which is just one from their new line of shave soaps, along with the Omega 0146745 HI-BRUSH Synthetic Shaving BrushWhen you take the lid off the soap container be ready for an intoxicating aroma of what I can only describe as a dessert that you’d want several helpings of…just don’t eat it! Lol! It does not disappoint when it comes time to load it on the brush! The scent fills the room and the rich, creamy lather is slick and a true performer!west-coast-shaving-brushIt’s OK to take back ten minutes out of your day to regroup and wet shaving is where it starts, in my opinion! Be daring, and try out some new scents and really explore all the inventory West Coast Shaving has to offer! I guarantee that whether you’re buying this for yourself, or you’re shopping for Dad, brother, souse, significant other, etc. they will surely enjoy getting back to this age old tradition of shaving!

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