When someone refers to another person as “over-the-top” or describes things that a person does with those words, I don’t think it’s intended to be a compliment, but rather, an insult. Long ago, I chose to take on that label and use it in a positive way!
So what exactly does “over-the-top” mean  to me then? It’s hard to describe with exact words….basically if there’s something to do, I do it…but I do it a little fancier or a little more than necessary. I’m not content with the ordinary. I’m not content with just doing the minimum or choosing to skip something altogether or blowing it off as unnecessary. Some opportunities and occasions are only going to come your way once, so why WOULDN’T you do all you could to make them even more memorable?
Your children are only young once and since I only have one, I’ve always gone out of my way for everything relating to Emi. Her school experiences, her hobbies and activities she’s participated in, holidays, parties, outings, DISNEYLAND, etc. You name it, I try to make it happen because I know that she’ll look back and remember it all and I also know that she’s not going to be young forever. I only hope she possesses the same enthusiasm as a parent one day, assuming she chooses to become a parent. Some people might conclude that I’m trying to make up for whatever may have been lacking in my own childhood. I don’t think that’s what I’m consciously doing, but when I was a kid, parents didn’t do any of these things anyway.
I suppose as my blog grows, my posts will paint a better picture of what exactly I mean by over the top!  I have posted some pics of one example though…when it’s Barbie’s birthday, OF COURSE we’re not only going to celebrate with Barbie Sundaes at Farrell’s, but we’re also going to bring our own Barbies with us to have their own celebration! 🙂