pixels-dom-PXLS_DgtlMkt_PM_5x7_3_rgb-732x1024It’s no secret that I’m super excited about the PIXELS movie! I loved playing all of the video games in the 80’s and I was actually good at a lot of them! It’s fun to see my daughter developing an interest in a lot of the characters from some of my old favorites, too! We even dressed up like Mario and Luigi last Halloween!


Have you watched the official trailer for the PIXELS movie yet? It’s hitting theaters on July 24th and going to be such a fun experience!

In anticipation of the upcoming PIXELS movie, we decided to have some fun doing Pixels-inspired nail art. We first bought some fun, bright polishes, along with basic white, and a few nail tools. (You can usually purchase the tools in a pack together.)

nail-suppliesThe first thing you have to remember (if you’re not a pro) is that you’re doing this to have fun! My 10 year old got a bit frustrated when her first attempt didn’t turn out quite right. I was letting her try out her PIXELS nail art skills on me.

white-base-coatStart out by painting your nails with a coat of white polish. You may need to use 2 coats to get a good amount of coverage. Allow about 15 minutes to have it dry enough to put designs on top.

polish-colorsNext, pour some of the colored polish onto a plastic surface and allow it to sit for about a minute to get “tacky”. Use the tools of your choice and continue to dip into the color and apply to your nail. My daughter used the little flat brush to make the “pixels” on my nails. Tip: If you make a mistake, just keep some polish remover nearby and “fix it” or start over.

FullSizeRender (22)She did one color at a time, attempting to keep them in square shapes, and descending like stairs. In between colors, she rinsed the brush in polish remover. After she finished each nail, she sealed it with a nail art sealer. (or top coat).

FullSizeRender (23)As you can see, she ended up making a Pac-Man on one of my nails! I think they came out pretty cute, considering we’re not nail pros! What do YOU think?

pixels-nailsIt’s funny how movies can inspire fun ideas like these nails! Maybe YOU can try some of your own now! Don’t forget to catch the PIXELS movie in theaters everyone on July 24th!