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As a mom, I pride myself on being a very kind, loving, patient, and understanding mom. I love the relationship I have with my daughter and the fact that most of the time we see eye to eye.  I’m usually sleep deprived because I try to do too much. I’m always on the go and I feel like I walk around with an invisible to-do list above my head at all times. That’s just called “being a mom”, right?

It’s part of my regular daily routine to pick up my daughter from school at 3 p.m. On most days, I rush her off to one of her sports practices immediately after school. I remember this one particular day recently when I had a total “supermom fail”! I was acting a little short with my daughter. I’d even say I was being snappy. I don’t know what it was but everything was just irritating me that day. She actually stopped, looked directly at me, and asked, “Mommy, are you HANGRY or something?”

hangry-frameI wasn’t sure what that even meant! When I asked her to explain she replied, “You already know what HANGRY is! It’s when you’re acting angry because you’re so hungry! I think Daddy gets it a lot!‘ I almost spit out my water and started laughing at that part! We both ended up giggling about it together. The funny thing is that 1) I was actually “HANGRY” because I had skipped lunch that day at work and 2) My 9 year old had just taught me a new word!

hangryI would never want my daughter to mistake my being a little stressed out for me being upset with her! This is why for me,  it was a total “mom fail”! My attitude was quickly turned around that day after we stopped by Walmart and found these amazing SNICKERS®! They had SNICKERS® Almond, SNICKERS® Extreme and SNICKERS® Peanut Butter Squares! I found them both in the candy area in the grocery section and on the checkout aisles!


nomIt was hard to decide which one to try first, but we went for the SNICKERS® Almond as soon as we got to the car. Mmmm! After I had some in my belly, all was good. My daughter got a treat too since we shared it! SNICKERS® saved the day!

dear-emiThe very next day, I decided to write her my daughter a note and stick it in her lunchbox. Do you ever do that for your kids? I just wanted her to know I was sorry for being “HANGRY” because I still felt a little bad that she had to call me out on my grumpiness. I do feel like I’m not myself when I’m hungry. It’s an easy fix though, just take time to eat and make sure that you don’t get to a point where you’re starving.

hashtagSo who are YOU when you’re hungry? Hopefully you’re not “hangry” like I was because hangry isn’t very pretty!

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