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From an early age, my daughter has always been interested in sports. She was ready to jump in the water and swim, even before she knew how to. She loves to run around at the park, ride her bike, and even started playing on a soccer team at age 4! Have you seen how teeny, tiny those shin guards and cleats are? So adorable!the-sockit-first-cleatsMy daughter also enjoys doing other things such as playing playing with dolls, painting and drawing, cooking, reading, and hosting tea parties with her teddy bears. She’s a girly-girl who’s athletic! In my opinion, she is the perfect combination of a kidthe-sockit-athletic-girlAs she’s grown up, she’s continued to play Fall soccer each year. During the season, she has regular coached practices and plays a full schedule of games. During the off-season though, is when she needs to continue practicing so she doesn’t lose her game by the time Fall rolls around again. When we received a SOCKIT in the mail, I knew this was the perfect way to help her while she practiced.

The SOCKIT is a wearable soccer trainer that lights up as a way to provide instant feedback to your child, relating to how they’re kicking. It’s a great tool to help improve your child’s game. Basically, it lights up to signal perfection when a player strikes the ball correctly. This helps teach your child how to practice the correct foot-to-ball technique. the-sockit-soccer-trainerIt is one size fits all and is available in four different colors. (blue, pink, yellow, and orange) It’s very easy to stretch around your cleat. My daughter had to practice with it on her regular shoes since she’s currently outgrown last season’s cleats. Could someone please make her stop growing up? the-sockit-shoesYour soccer star will immediately understand the ultimate feeling of a solid strike in real time with the only wearable training aid that joins how it looks and feels when they strike a ball correctly. The SOCKIT was created by Joe Briganti, a dad who wanted to find a simple and effective way to help his two young daughters become more skilled at soccer. Since there was no product available for him to purchase at the time, he created one himself!

The SOCKIT helps:

  • build confidence
  • empower players to practice more
  • improve foot-eye coordination
  • create dialogue between players, parents, and coaches
  • eliminate self doubt

Ultimately, we need to remember the reason for kids to play sports in the first place…BECAUSE IT’S FUN! Having a little extra help though, with The SOCKIT is great too! the-sockit-ball

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