January’s arrival marks the start of Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month at Mountain High and the resort is participating in the World’s Largest Ski and Snowboard Lesson Day set for Friday, January 8 at 10:00 a.m! If you’re a beginner skier or snowboarder, this is especially for you! mountain-high-logo-2Attempting to set the World Record for the LARGEST multi-venue ski & snowboard lesson for the Guinness Book of World Records is going to be SNOW much fun! The current record for world’s largest ski lesson (both single and multiple venue) is 594 and 500 for world’s largest snowboard lesson (both single and multiple venue). Mountain-high-world-record-day

Ski and snowboard areas across the U.S. including Mountain High, will host a 10 a.m. beginner lesson for skiing or snowboarding as part of this event. You are invited to come learn to ski or snowboard on this exciting day as multiple winter resorts across the U.S., including Mountain High, will attempt to set industry and Guinness World Records for teaching people how to ski and snowboard. All participants receive an official Certificate Of Completion.

Lesson participants will:

  • Learn how to properly use equipment
  • Be introduced to basic skiing and snowboarding skills including safety
  • Learn about types of terrain
  • Demonstrate and be evaluated on what they learned during the 90 minute class

*All attendees will receive an official certificate of completion upon finishing the lesson. mountain-high-signWorld’s Largest Ski and Snowboard Lesson Day results will be certified by appropriate Mountain High personnel and sent to industry and Guinness World Records for verification and approval. To register for the World’s Largest Ski and Snowboard Lesson Day at Mountain High and be a part of this fun, record-making event, click here or call 888-754-7878. Event registration ends Thursday, January 7, 2016.

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