Did you know that 80% of children’s dreams are about animals? That’s right! According to research, children are hardwired to be interested in animals. However, if that isn’t nurtured and reinforced when they are young, they are at risk of never developing a sense of respect and caring for the nature and wildlife. zoomoo-logo
ZooMoo, the world’s first children’s channel devoted entirely to animals and nature, is now available in the U.S. exclusively on DIRECTV, as part of the AT&T family! This is wonderful news! Following its highly successful launches in Mexico and throughout Latin America, ZooMoo, is now available here to nearly a million homes throughout the country. It is now the only channel in Spanish for pre-school age children and their parents and is available to DIRECTV Spanish base package subscribers on channel 432.


Designed is a channel that was designed to foster a lifelong love for animals and nature through a safe and unique television experience, that is both entertaining and educational for young viewers and parents alike, ZooMoo interweaves puppetry, animation, and the world’s best natural history footage available in HD to tell stories about the animal world.
ZooMoo’s programming was developed in consultation with a team of leading childhood learning specialists from New Zealand’s University of Otago.

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The channel is also complemented by a free downloadable App to provide a one of a kind multiplatform experience that allows ZooMoo channel viewers to automatically collect animals they encounter on the TV screen and bring them to life on their tablet or smart phone with games, music, puzzles and other activities. The standalone revolutionary ZooMoo App, which when synced to the channel enhances the interactivity by also turning smartphones and tablets into an extension of the channel, was recognized earlier this year with a Parents’ Choice Approved Award Seal of Approval from the Choice Foundation in the United States.

Karin Simoncini, ZooMoo’s head of programming and production was talked about ZooMoo and said, As a Latina mom of young children I’m personally thrilled that we at ZooMoo are partnering with DIRECTV to bring ZooMoo to Spanish-speaking audiences in the United States, where today, according to Pew Research Center, there are nearly twice as many Hispanic preschoolers as non-Hispanics in the U.S. DIRECTV deserves to be commended for its commitment to offering this audience a fully interactive ‘all animals, all the time’ entertainment experience that will be educational and incredibly engaging.

ZooMoo was developed by its CEO and former president of Fox Networks Group, David Haslingden and has already been seen in 23 countries with a worldwide audience of more than 140 million, ZooMoo’s programming is comprised of wholly original animal stories that have been scheduled into unique one hour blocks. The ZooMoo channel made its worldwide debut in Brazil in September 2013. In September 2014, DIRECTV began offering ZooMoo to customers in Argentina, the Caribbean, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Uruguay.

ZooMoo’s leading cast consists of funny, furry puppet characters who help young children develop a knowledge and affection for animals, leading to a lifelong love of conservation, including:

  • Flash, an engagingly good-natured photographer, dedicated, dependable and very charming, he is a keen adventurer with genial humor and a constant can-do attitude who explores the world and often ends up in unknown places in “Lost” and travels to different habitats to find out what animals are really thinking in “Look Who’s Talking?” zoomoo-portraits-018
  • Piglet, a high-energy blast of boundless, breathless enthusiasm, who invents amazing solutions in her awesome workshop and explores the planet in her “Adventure Machine.” zoomoo-portraits-018
  • Owl, who’s smart, wise, particular and slightly precious, as he guesses which animals Flash has sent him in “Download This!” OWL 3
  • Ninja Gorilla, who uses his astounding ninja super-powers to turn everyday objects into amazing balloon creations in “Ninja Pop.” zoomoo-sets-070
  • Baby DJ, a little monkey with headphones, bling and a cheeky grin whose mission is to turn the tables on all things animal and get everyone up dancing. zoomoo-portraits-079

ZooMoo’s U.S. operations are headed by Los Angeles-based General Manager Julio Sobral, a longtime Fox Networks Group executive, alongside Miami-based Marketing Manager Alvaro Krupkin, former director of creative services and production for Telemundo Cable Networks.