i-teach-tooDid you know, that in addition to being a Southern California lifestyle blogger, I’m a teacher too! Yep, I teach full- time during the regular school year. I’m a first grade teacher. I love first grade! So, if I’m a blogger who teaches, does that make me a “teacher blogger”? It actually doesn’t, but it was a fun thought to ponder.

teacher-bloggers-are-awesomeTeacher bloggers are a totally different breed, as in way awesome! It’s like a whole other world of blogging and for me, it’s so much fun to explore and look through teaching blogs! Not only are teacher bloggers holding it down in the classroom and doing an amazing job teaching, but they’re also producing some crazy creative stuff on their blogs! Did I also mention that a great majority of them are also Teachers Pay Teachers sellers?  If you’re not familiar with what that is, it an online curriculum store that’s like a Disneyland for teachers! Seriously though, teacher bloggers are total rockstars!

getting-inspiredI’ve decided that THIS school year I’m going to attempt to blog a little bit more about teaching! I’m not going to stop doing what I’m doing as a lifestyle blogger, I’m just going to feature some of what I’m trying in my classroom on my blog! I’m been attempting to get some new motivation and inspiration through some of the teacher blogs I’ve been reading. I’ve been searching for ideas I can implement in my own school and classroom. Our school could really use a bit of inspiration right about now!

applesI’m sure it’s no secret that I love Instagram (and Twitter)!  The other night,  I came across this fun activity @farleyfarleyfarley’s Instagram. She’s one of those rockstar teacher bloggers I was talking about earlier. You should go check out her blog! (It’s way adorable!) “Currently” is just a fun way to share about what you’ve got going on right now! Here’s mine:


I feel lucky that I’m actually still on summer break because a lot of other teachers in different parts of the U.S. have already started their new school year! This school year, I’m going to make the biggest effort ever to knock it out of the park for both my students and I! I’ll do my best to “bring it” come August 28! Just you watch!



4 Comments on I’m a Lifestyle Blogger Who Teaches. Does That Make Me a “Teacher Blogger”?

  1. I’m jealous of your late August start date. I head back one week from today!

    I look forward to reading more about your teaching updates!!

  2. I {heart} yoga pants every day, too! What will we do when it’s B2S?!?! As for my teaching wardrobe, I just raided Target this week. Lots on sale…and since our school has no A/C, I have to balance finding something cool, but not too short and not strapless nor spaghetti straps. I found TONS! Have fun shopping….and what types of CUSTOM COOKIES are you putting together?!?! LOVE!\

    -Lindsey Petlak

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