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Summer time is such a great time to enjoy doing things together as a family and is just so relaxing. However, as it starts to wind down, moms like me can’t help but to have “Back-to-School” on their minds. Aside from the holidays, this time of year must be one of the busiest for shopping.back-to-school-with-groupon-2This year, I’m all about saving as much as I can on my back-to-school expenses so I”ll be hitting up Groupon. Have you heard of Groupon before? Groupon works with over 9000 national retailers with the goal of passing savings to you. It offers 1000s of FREE coupons, exclusive promo codes, and deals to shoppers to save you money on things like restaurants, travel, shopping, entertainment and more! I love shopping with Groupon because I can use the money I saved towards something else. It’s a win-win!back-to-school-shopping-with-groupon-1There are so many things to buy for the upcoming school year. Whether your children wear a school uniform or regular clothes to school, outfitting them can cost a pretty penny, especially as most of them have sprouted over the summer and can longer wear much from last school year. Then there are school shoes to buy, new backpacks & lunchboxes, and a ton of school supplies. This year I also need to purchase a laptop for my daughter. It seems like the list goes on and on. Here’s just an example of some of the stores I’ll be back-to-school shopping at with Groupon:

  • Nordstrom
  • Macy’s
  • Finish Line
  • Sears
  • Forever 21
  • Nike
  • Walmart
  • Best Buy
  • Amazon

groupon-envelopeGroupon offers savings at tons of the stores and sites I shop at.  You can check out their site and search for the best deals, even from your mobile device. Why wouldn’t you want to save money on things you’re already purchasing?


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