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{Giveaway} Have Courage and Be Kind! #Cinderella Available on BLU-RAY™ Combo Pack, Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere on 9/15!

Cinderella2015_BlurayHave courage and be kind! That was my favorite line from Disney’s “Cinderella”! Oh I bawled my head off at the beginning of this film when I saw it in the theater! It was just so beautifully made and this timeless classic was brought to life with imagination and a whole lot of magic! If you haven’t already seen this latest version of “Cinderella”, here’s a synopsis:
Despite being mistreated by her stepmother (Cate Blanchett) and stepsisters, a spirited Ella (Lily James) resolves to take charge of her fate. Add a royal ball, a Fairy Godmother (Helena Bonham-Carter) and a glass slipper, and suddenly – magic becomes reality!

Lily James is Cinderella in Disney's live-action feature inspired by the classic fairy tale, CINDERELLA, which brings to life the timeless images in Disney's 1950 animated masterpiece as fully-realized characters in a visually-dazzlling spectacle for a whole new generation.

Here’s the trailer:

Cinderella will be released on Digital HD/SD*, Blu-ray Combo Pack & Disney Movies Anywhere on September 15! You can order your own copy here

The BONUS features on the Digital HD/SD*, Blu-ray Combo Pack & Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA):

A Fairy Tale Comes to Life- Filmmakers and cast reflect on Cinderella’s enduring power, and the joys and challenges of bringing this iconic tale to life.
Costume Test Fun- See the work of Academy Award-winning® Costume Designer Sandy Powell (The Aviator, 2004) and share some lighthearted moments with the cast.
Staging The Ball- You’re invited behind the scenes for the making of the Palace Ball sequence, including its spectacular set, stunning costumes and more. It’s a lavish and massive undertaking…and a magical day on set.
Ella’s Furry Friends- Discover how the movie’s animal stars honed their memorable performances.
Alternate Opening: Ella’s Childhood- View moments from Ella’s idyllic childhood that do not appear in the movie. With an introduction by Director Kenneth Branagh.
Frozen Fever-It’s Anna’s birthday, and Elsa and Kristoff are determined to give her the best celebration ever – but when Elsa catches a cold, her powers may put more than just the party at risk. Frozen-fever

The following are deleted scenes (with introduction by Kenneth Branagh) exclusive to the DMA:

  • Serving (0:56)
  • The Mourning (4:24)
  • Getting to Know You (2:00)
  • The Search for Cinderella (1:14)
  • Dear Kit (2:57)

DVD exclusives include these BONUS features:

  • Ella’s Furry Friends
  • Frozen Fever

Lily James is Cinderella and Richard Madden is the Prince in Disney's live-action feature inspired by the classic fairy tale, CINDERELLA, which brings to life the timeless images from Disney's 1950 animated masterpiece as fully-realized characters in a visually dazzling spectacle for a whole new generation.

You can order your own copy of Cinderella by clicking here. (pre-orders taken prior to September 15). I’m also having a giveaway that you can enter to win a copy of Cinderella. All you have to do is enter on the Rafflecopter below. Please read the instructions carefully. Good luck everyone!

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Monster Musical Out on Disney DVD September 8!

I get so excited whenever I see anything Halloween! How adorable are those Mickey bats? I’m totally ready for Halloween like NOW! Mickeys-Monster-Musical

Well, look what’s arriving soon, just in time for Halloween! It’s Mickey’s Monster Musical and it’s releasing on Disney DVD on September 8! Join Mickey and All His Friends in Their Favorite Fun and Spooky Adventure! The DVD Includes nearly 2 hours of adventure PLUS An Exclusive Trick-Or-Treat Mini Tote! 


Here’s a synopsis of the DVD:

Put on your favorite Halloween costume and get set for a spooktacular full-length adventure. Visit the creaky castle of kindly “Count Mickula” and help your Clubhouse pals solve a puzzling riddle: Who, or what, is making a curious clanging, banging noise? With the right Monster Mouseketools and help from YOU, this mystery will soon be history! Then, enjoy two more exciting episodes as you search for pirate treasure with Captain Mickey and don your dungarees for delightful fun down on the farm. Packed with singing, dancing, laughter and surprises, Mickey’s Monster Musical is a high-spirited treat that can’t be beat.

The DVD includes these episodes:

  • Mickey’s Monster Musical (Part 1 & 2)
  • Mickey’s Pirate Adventure (Part 1 &2)
  • Mickey’s Farm Fun Fair


So tell me, are YOU more excited for Halloween now? I know I am! 

Disclosure: I was provided with a copy of the Mickey’s Monster Musical for my own review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own. 

4 Reasons Why THIS Mom’s Excited About Disney’s Descendants! #DisneyDescendants


*Minor spoilers included in this post. 

not-bad-just-born-that-wayDisney’s “Descendants” is the latest Disney Channel Original Movie. The film is a way fun twist on the classic fairy tales we all know and love. We get to meet the kids of some of Disney’s most well-known villains. Mal (daughter of Maleficent), Evie (daughter of Evil Queen from “Snow White”), Carlos (son of Cruella de Vil), and Jay (son of Jafar), all happen to be modern day teens, around the same age! After living their entire first years banished to the Isle of the Lost (it’s where all of the Disney Villains are exiled to), with their parents, the teens get the chance to attend high school in the magical land of Auredon!  This means they get to see what everyday life is like there, where everything isn’t about being evil. According to the film’s director Kenny Ortega, Disney’s Descendants takes us way past the “happily ever after” of what happens in the classic Disney stories we grew up with.  You’ll have to watch it to get the film though, to get the entire story!

Take a peek at the extended trailer:

I can’t put my finger on just one reason why I’m so excited about Disney’s Descendants. I’ve gotten excited every time one of the previews has come on during all of the months preceding its release. I can even sing along with the songs on the trailer now.  I think there are a lot of reasons why I feel this way about this latest Disney Channel Original Movie.


First of all, I’m what you’d call a true “Disney Channel Mom”, so I get excited about pretty much anything happening with Disney Channel. On any given day, depending on if I’m working or off for the summer, I might find myself watching anything from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to Jessie to Teen Beach 2 (the sing-a-long version) at my house. If you’re wondering…yes I sing AND dance along whenever it’s necessary, which is always. Not only do I enjoy watching these shows with my daughter, but I’ve also found myself with the shows on while doing other things, like dishes or blogging, when my daughter isn’t even in the room! Yep, I will totally claim being a Disney Channel mom! kenny-ortegaAs soon as I read that Kenny Ortega had a major hand in this film (he’s the director), I squealed inside. In our house, we know Mr. Ortega as “THE High School Musical guy“.  He’s responsible for High School Musical trilogy, which was one of the most fun Disney Channel series of dance movies in my opinion. High School Musical 3 was one of the first films that got my daughter and I dancing together in our living room. It’s the series that millennials still hold hope out for a fourth film, perhaps “College Years Musical”. (even though everyone knows it’ll never happen)


Mr. Ortega’s extensive list of works goes way back though to films like Dirty Dancing. I love that he can adapt a story and tie in the singing and dancing elements to it, making it something that the entire family can watch together.  I get giddy when I see interviews with Mr. Ortega talking about Disney’s Descendants though. You can pretty much count on anything he’s working on to be genius and go gold!

Here’s a musical clip from the film. I love “Rotten to the Core“.  It’s just super catchy! Tell me what you think?


When the first sneak peek of Descendants was on, my daughter pointed out how much she liked “Evie”, the daughter of Evil Queen, and a character that’s played by Colombian-American actress Sofia Carson. My daughter loves her costume and her hair for the movie and tells me every time we see a preview that Evie is her favorite. Then she made another connection…Sofia was on Austin & Ally, which is one of my daughter’s favorite shows on Disney Channel! (Yep, that means I watch it too!). Since then, she’s done more research on her own about Miss Carson and comes to me to share tidbits of information about her. “Mom, did you know that “Sofia” is a singer too?” “Sofia goes to UCLA, Mom AND she does acting.” I love that my daughter adores Sofia Carson mainly because I feel that she’s a great role model to the kids who are watching her and looking up to her. She’s showing them how important it is to pursue an academic career regardless of what path your acting career is taking you in. Disney Channel has done such a great job choosing Sofia Carson not only as an actress but as a role model as well.



As a mom of a pre-tween, I love that this film has a story that can speak directly to kids as young as my daughter’s age! (she’s 10) Once you get past how scary these kids’ parents are, you get to see their vulnerable side. You get to see that, they too, have many of the struggles “normal” kids do everyday. I love that the film conveys the message to its viewers that you get to choose who you’re going to be, despite who your parents are or what you were born into. As my daughter grows, I’m looking for deeper messages like this in what she watches on TV, as well as on the big screen. As a mom, I am content knowing that Disney is creating thoughtful, quality content like this for our kids to watch!


So, are YOU excited to watch Disney’s Descendants?

You can watch more Descendants clips on their YouTube channel!


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McFarland USA on Disney Blu-ray®, Disney Movies Anywhere, and Digital HD June 2! (I’m Having a Giveaway!)


Are you ready to discover your inner champion? McFarland USA is coming out June 2 on Disney Blu-ray, Disney Movies Anywhere, and Digital HD. If you didn’t have the chance to see this feel-good film in theaters, it’s not a movie you want to miss. Soon you’ll be able to watch it at home!

Here’s a synopsis of the film:

In the tradition of Disney sports movies comes “McFarland, USA” based on a true story of underdogs triumphing over tremendous obstacles. This heartwarming drama follows novice runners who strive to build a cross-country team under Coach Jim White (Kevin Costner) in their predominantly Latino high school. Everyone has a lot to learn about each other, but when Coach realizes the boys’ exceptional running ability, things change. Beyond their talent, it’s the power of family, commitment to each other and work ethic that transform them into champions — helping them achieve their own American dream.

Now watch the official trailer:


Look at this simple, yummy recipe to make authentic corn tamales. Why not spend a night in with your friends or family, make some tamales and watch McFarland USA on your TV or even on your electronic device? Sounds fun to me! And I LOVE tamales!

easy-tamale-recipeI’m also giving away 1 gift card to one of my lucky readers which will be good for a download of McFarland USA on your own device. First you’ll just download a Disney App and then the movie will be downloaded to your device To enter, just leave a comment below telling me if you’ve seen McFarland USA yet or not? (Giveaway will end at 11:50 p.m. on June 9 and I’ll choose a random winner on June 10th. Must be 18 years or older and a resident of the US to enter.)

Good luck everyone! Now go leave a comment so you can be entered to win!

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Grab a Copy of “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Pet Salon” on Disney DVD May 19! (I’m Also Giving Away a Copy!)


Whenever a new Disney Junior DVD gets released, we get excited around here. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has been one of our favorites since its start in 2006 and every time we hear “The Hot Dog Dance” song come on, we have to stop whatever we may be doing and join in! Have you ever done that? In case you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, here’s a video.

Well, more exciting news…on May 19th, Disney Jr. Home Entertainment will release the adorable new DVD, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Minnie’s Pet Salon! In this DVD, you’ll find Minnie’s sparkling new Pet Salon open for business……and adventure! With over two hours of song-filled pet-themed fun, including 4 additional episodes, Minnie’s Pet Salon is the “purr-fect” gift. Includes Four Additional Pet Themed Episodes and a FREE Exclusive Pet Comb!

Here’s a synopsis: ​All your Clubhouse pals are bringing their animal friends to get spruced up for Pluto’s All-Star Pet Show. With so many pets to bathe, groom and train, Minnie needs help. Luckily, Mickey and the gang are there to lend a hand. But when three adorable little kittens go missing, it will take the right Mouseketools – and help from YOU – to find them in time for the big show. With over two hours of song-filled pet-themed fun, including 4 additional episodes, Minnie’s Pet Salon is the “purr-fect” gift.

minnies-pet-salonThe DVD looks so cute! I just LOVE Minnie and the kindness she demonstrates towards animals. One of my own lucky readers will be able to win a copy of “Minnie’s Pet Salon”! All you have to do is enter on the Rafflecopter below! Don’t forget to comment on this post and tell me who YOUR favorite character is from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! Good luck everyone!

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Doc McStuffins: Cuddle Me Lambie Now Available on DVD!

Disney_Doc_McStuffins-_Cuddle_Me_Lambie_(Home_Video_Release)=Print=DVD=Beauty_Shot===Worldwide=3_5Have you seen “DOC MCSTUFFINS: CUDDLE ME LAMBIE” yet? Released on Disney DVD Febuary 3rd, this adorable movie, from the Disney Junior show, features Doc and the whole gang! Join them as they laugh, play and have a ball fixing boo-boos and discovering great ways to stay happy and healthy. Celebrate the power of true friendship as new, sparkly heart toy Val shows Lambie there’s plenty of love to go around. Meet Donny and Alma’s monster creation Charlie – who turns out to be very sweet and not scary after all. Then, see how Lambie gets out of a super-sticky jam! Bursting with five song-filled episodes and cuddles galore, this “hug-stravaganza” is magical fun your little one will adore!

999_PromoStills_SH054We are big Disney Junior and Doc McStuffins fans in our home and even have our very own Big Book of Boo Boos that we keep around to record incidents that have happened and require a diagnosis and a remedy, “Doc-style” of course.


big-book-1This poor stuffed poodle at our house was missing an ear and diagnosed with “One Earia“. Luckily, the remedy was a simple one…”Sew it back on”!  There was also one time when *someone (I won’t name any names) burned their tongue on hot cocoa  and was diagnosed with “Burnitosis“! It was a pretty easy remedy though…”Drink water“!

big-book-2When a big box arrived on our doorstep the other day, Emi got really excited to open it! Inside, she discovered a entire Doc McStuffins place setting! So cute! I think it’s going to make eating extra fun!



Doc McStuffins: Cuddle Me Lambie! on DVD February 3! Free Printable Coloring and Activity Sheets! (I’m giving away 2 DVDs)

No one gives better cuddles than Doc’s warm and fuzzy best friend! She’s a princess and a ballerina, and she’s always there for toys that need an extra helping of tender loving care. Just say three little words: “Cuddle Me Lambie.”


We LOVE Doc McStuffins in our home! She’s adorable and I love watching the diagnosis’ that she comes up with for the animals! I also adore the Big Book of Boos Boos so much that we have one of our own!

Disney_Doc_McStuffins-_Cuddle_Me_Lambie_(Home_Video_Release)=Print=DVD=Beauty_Shot===Worldwide=3_5On February 3rd, Disney Jr. Home Entertainment will release the newest “DOC MCSTUFFINS: CUDDLE ME LAMBIE.” Join Doc and the whole gang as they laugh, play and have a ball fixing boo-boos and discovering great ways to stay happy and healthy. Celebrate the power of true friendship as new, sparkly heart toy Val shows Lambie there’s plenty of love to go around. Meet Donny and Alma’s monster creation Charlie – who turns out to be very sweet and not scary after all. Then, see how Lambie gets out of a super-sticky jam! Bursting with five song-filled episodes and cuddles galore, this “hug-stravaganza” is magical fun your little one will adore!

Check out these adorable free printable coloring and activity sheets! Just click and print out for your little one!

DMS_CML_coloring_v2 (1)(1)_Page_1

DMS_CML_coloring_v2 (1)(1)_Page_5

DMS_CML_d2d_v1 (2)(1)

DMS_CML_differences_v1 (2)To celebrate the release of this adorable DVD, I’ve also been provided with 2 copies of it to give away to two of my readers! They’ll each come with a poster too! How fun is that? Just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below! Good luck everyone!

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Jake and The Never Land Pirates: Battle For The Book! Now Available on Disney DVD! Free Printable Activity Sheets !

Calling all Jake and the Never Land Pirates fans….Battle for the Book is now available on DVD!


Join Jake and his friends as they battle Captain Hook to save Wendy’s storybook and the story of Peter Pan! This value-packed DVD includes the Battle for the Book! adventure plus 4 additional episodes. It’s over 2 hours of fun with Jake, Wendy, and the Never Land Pirates! As a bonus, inside every DVD is a FREE, exclusive checkerboard bandana with gold coins that you can’t get anywhere else! DisneyJakeAndTheNeverLandPiratesBattleForTheBookDVD

Here’s a synopsis of the DVD:

When Wendy’s special Storybook is stolen by Captain Hook, Jake and his mates go to London to help Peter Pan’s friend (from the classic movie Peter Pan).  The longer the book is out of Wendy’s hands, the more she and her brothers (John and Michael) forget about their past adventures on Never Land.  The battle for the book continues in Never Land, where Hook plans to destroy the book and its stories in the legendary Ring of Blue Fire.  It’s up to our young heroes to save Wendy’s Storybook and the Story of Peter Pan!

Check out these fun Jake and the Never Land Pirates free printable activity sheets! They look like so much fun and are perfect to do while you’re watching the DVD!







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