I was just going through my pictures from Disney’s Rock Your Disney Side 24-hour event back in May, when I came across some that I totally forgot about.  As Emi and I were walking around that day, I had my camera out and ready to snap pics. Just as we approached Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, there were a bunch of people standing around and I witnessed the end of an engagement! This adorable couple, dressed as Belle and Beast, was in the center of the crowd. I knew something special was happening so I started snapping pics. Emi totally missed it but I got a few. They seemed very shy and although the PhotoPass people took some pics, I think it was just really quick and then they were done. I never got to chase after them to tell them I caught a few of the pics because I felt like I’d be interrupting their moment. I know that no one else caught these other pictures of them though and looking at them again, I see that it was “Belle’s” birthday! (her name is Yela) I’m guessing he arranged Photopass to snap a castle pic for them, letting her believe it was just for her birthday and then broke out a ring! That’s my best guess, but I’m a total fantasizer! I believe in fairytales! Regardless of the real details, I know that they’d want these pictures, because I know I would if it were me, so I’m determined to find them, so I can give them the pictures! I was tearing up adding these to this post. I think you’ll tear up too! Just look….

Beast proposing to BelleBeast and Belle engaged! Beast and Belle 1 Beast and Belle 2Beast and Belle hugging

Belle can't believe itThis one chokes me up BIG TIME! I think the shock and excitement just settled in here! 

Blushing BelleBlushing Belle 2Belle and Beast walking awayLook at her backpack! I love her backpack! It’s him! 

Belle and Beast goneAs I stood there in shock, they just walked away. I was too frozen to bother them in the middle of their moment! 

So… I’m going to rely on social media to help me find Belle and Beast…because I know how powerful social media can be!  I also know that if I had gotten engaged like this, I’d want these pictures for my own keepsakes. Sorry guys but I think this guy just set the bar really high!

Do you know them? If not, please help spread the word!

Now let’s sing it….”Tale as old as time...”

11 Comments on Help Me Find This Couple from Disney’s 24-Hour Event! They Got Engaged! #RockYourDisneySide

    • I’m so happy to have found them! I know they had Photopass too, but I’m sure those were only a couple pics.

  1. She is my sister and they are the type of couple that makes you believe that soul mates and true love really does exist (you know the kind you see in fairy tales) As her sibling thank you so much for capturing this amazing moment. Even though we were not able to be there with them, through these pictures we feel like we were

    • So Magical. I’m so happy to have found them. I’m also happy that they seem to have become Disney Famous overnight. I knew the power of social media would help me find them and it did..overnight!

  2. Wow!!! I’m the sister of the Beast- Tony. Thank you so much for making the effort to find them. As per Yela’s sisters Linda and Kely I have the same sentiments of being able to share in their “magical” moment even though we weren’t physically there. They are a very special couple who both mean so much to their family and friends and yes it’s a fairy tale relationship. The engagement took place at the perfect location for both of them because Disneyland is their “happy place”.

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