Today I almost fell over from excitement when I saw a TON of Halloween decorations at Pier 1 Imports that I *NEEDED! Seriously, there was even a Halloween tree with ornaments! I told myself that FIRST I need to get past “Back to School” before I’ll allow myself to think about anything Halloween. (I have little pep talks like that with myself all the time) Then I started looking back on some of last year’s Halloween party pics and I really just can’t wait!
Last year, I ordered these adorable shirts from for the kids. The girl’s version had a cute little witch on it and the boy’s version a Frankenstein. The shirts are personalized with their names. I was tempted to order myself one! Go check out her page!

Did I mention that photo booth is pretty much a requirement at my house?
Yep, I’ve got my daughter pretty well-trained…and my niece and my nephew and my friends!
And sometimes I’ll even hop in there…but not often!
So how many more minutes til’ Halloween, anyway?

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