Did you know….there is a special, kind of (almost) secret thing that occurs each day at each Disney Store location. Have you heard of “opening The Disney Store” before? It’s a real thing!did-you-know-you-can-help-open-the-disney-storeThe first guest at The Disney Store in the morning gets the honor of “unlocking the Magic” as soon as the doors open! If you peek through the windows before they open, you can see that there is something set up at the entryway. It looks like a giant keyhole and has theater-style ropes that are attached to each side of it. It’s almost similar to the ropes the Cast Members use each morning for rope drop in some of the Disney Parks. Most people actually don’t know about this special event. heres-how-we-did-itMy daughter and and I were in line at our mall one morning, about 50 minutes prior to the Disney Store’s opening time. When we arrived, there was no one else around. We sat down in front of the store to stake out our spot. Eventually, a few other people arrived at the storefront and sat behind us. When there were about 8 of us in line, a conversation began and one of the girls asked the other people what they were here to buy? She let us all know she was in search of Frozen dolls. Another lady from the UK was actually there to buy a Buzz Lightyear. When it was our turn to share WHAT we were there for, we told the others that we weren’t here in search of any specific item but, rather,  to “open The Disney Store”. Not one of the other people even knew what we were talking about! At first they looked at us like we were a little crazy but then we explained how it all works.It was exciting to share about it with the others and I almost felt bad that we were first in line and they all weren’t, now that they knew. It’s OK though, they can come back and have their turn any other day. This was my daughter’s day to do it!is-it-11-yet I’m pretty sure my daughter asked me about every other minute to check the time, as we counted down the time until 11:00 a.m.. When it was finally 11, the doors opened and everyone who had been standing with us seemed anxious to see.

opening the Disney StoreMy daughter had the hugest smile on her face as Cast Member “Adam” asked WHO was the first guest in line that day? Emi proudly raised her hand and the Cast Member then explained to her that SHE would be “unlocking the Magic” of the store that day! The ecstatic expression on her face was priceless!

Here’s a little video where he explains what’s going to happen.

At this point, all of the kids were very excited and waiting in anticipation for Cast Member Brittany to bring the giant key!

After the key unlocks the Magic, then the fireworks on the ceiling of the store begin a little show, and finally the ropes are dropped and the store is open for business! One of the other cool parts about being “the one”, is that you also receive your very own key to The Disney Store!disney-store-key The Cast Member presents you with your own keepsake, which is something that I know my daughter will treasure for a lifetime!


Emi with Cast Member BrittanyDid you know about this magical happening before? Have you ever “unlocked the Magic” at a Disney Store? Share with me in the comments! I’d love to hear about it!

18 Comments on YOU Can “Unlock the Magic” at The Disney Store!

  1. I had absolutely no idea they did this. I’m going to have to go stake out the Disney store in my mall now!

  2. We really dream of do it! we don’t have any Disney store in our country but we are going on a vacation where there is a huge Disney store! How early do you think we should come to make sure we are the first ones there? Are 50 minuts enough?

  3. One of the cast members at my Disney store told me about this and added that if it’s a special day, birthday or you want to announce your Disney trip to your kids, you can call the night before & they will also have a video to play and share with your kid(s) under the pavilion. We are planning on doing this to tell our 5 yo about our trip next year.

  4. Yesterday, my 4 year old got to open the store! Third times the charm. 🙂 The first two times we tried we were not the first one, however yesterday, we were the only ones. So, timing is everything and there’s no rhyme or reason to perfect timing. Reading your post made me cry a little for how magical Disney is. They truly think of everything! (also, I suppose that makes me a Disney nerd. They are so good at making me cry.)

  5. I got in line this morning at 8:30 at Salt Lake City store first. 45 minutes later two Disney workers showed up and while opening the door asked me what I was doing so I told them I was here to “open the magic”. Then one of them was slightly smug and said “well just remember, it’s not always the first in line who gets to do it” what, are you kidding me?!

    • You could call and ask. I’m 99% sure that ALL of them do though. Good luck! Come back and let me know what you find out.

  6. We just learned this today only because we were just hanging out in front of it and my daughter’s were the first in line. They did not use the key it was the book from Fantasia and they got a Fantasia hat to use with a magic spell and got to keep the hat.

    • I think it can be for anyone BUT if you’re there and a little kid is there wishing they could “open” the store, they’re going to be bummed if you don’t let them go ahead and I’m assuming their parents will give you the side eye too. Lol.

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