Disclosure: I am part of CosmetiCare’s Mom Ambassador Program. I received medspa services in order to write my review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Over the past few months, I’ve had the opportunity to visit CosmetiCare’s Medspa a few different times, as part of their Mom Ambassador program. Cosmeticare is Orange County’s leading plastic surgery center and medspa facility. Staffed anti-aging experts including certified nurses, estheticians,  and plastic surgeons can render expert, up-,to-the-minute advice and create a skin regime just for you. You should only trust your skin to a medspa managed and staffed by these kinds of professionals..

Cosmeticare-medspa-expertsOur mothers taught us the importance of establishing a good skincare routine, wearing sunscreen at all times, and drinking plenty of water to keep our skin hydrated. I’ve always been told to get my beauty rest too.

so-many-options (2)All of those things can all make somewhat of a difference but if you want to “age gracefully” you need to be more pro-active. This may just be my opinion but there’s no such thing as aging gracefully! The secret (which isn’t really a secret) is to seek preventive care.  Even before the hint of that first smile line appears, be proactive. Women (and men) can prevent issues from occurring by getting certain noninvasive skin treatments well before issues arise and with regularity. If you didn’t catch it that early on, seek treatment as soon as possible. CosmetiCare medspa offers nonsurgical treatments that slow down the signs of aging or treat issues present already, such as:

  • hyperpigmentation
  • adult acne
  • brown spots
  • fine lines
  • wrinkles
  • congested or oily pores

CosmetiCare-Juvederm-Love-the-Way-You-LookThe staff at CosmetiCare medspa has been an incredible resource and have helped me make decisions about which non-surgical, anti-aging options were a good fit for me. The believe that you should love the way you look and I totally agree with that!

CosmetiCare-Juvederm-needleFirst I tried Botox and I LOVED it! Botox won’t let you down. You may not be able to say that about other things (even people) in your life, but Botox is a hard-working wing girl. Start to use Botox as a preventative wrinkle-smoothing measure before the “11s,” the moderate-to-severe frown lines between the eyebrows, form. You could postpone that destined date with wrinkles.

CosmetiCare-Juvederm-boxNext, I tried Voluma, the injectable that adds volume and lift to your cheeks. It has the ability to enhance contour and create a more youthful profile without needing to take a drastic, invasive step like implant surgery. It’s like a mini-lift without going under the knife.

after-botox-and-voluma (2)On my third visit, I conquered the parenthesis by my mouth with some JUVÉDERM. Parentheses lines around your nose and mouth are no laughing matter!


JUVÉDERM is a dermal, gel filler that evens out wrinkles around the nose and mouth. It produces natural-looking results that last up to a year.

CosmetiCare-Juvederm-resultsSo far, I’m ecstatic with all of the results I’ve gotten as a result of my visits to CosmetiCare’s medspa. Do you have any areas on your face, neck, or even body that you feel are starting to need some extra attention? Call CosmetiCare and schedule a complimentary consultation today at 949.356.0102

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