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3 Ways Navdy’s Head Up Display System Will Help Your Road Trip

This summer, we’ve filled a lot of our time off with some exciting road trip adventures. Since we live within proximity to great beaches, mountains, and desert areas, a couple of road trips were the perfect way to enjoy the time together.road-trip-tips-yellow-flowersRoad trip prep and packing has changed over the years. Gone are the times of loading up the car with pillows, blankets, snacks, and paper maps for a road trip. Do you remember watching your parents use actual map books? (and even squabbling over which route to take?) I do. I don’t even think kids nowadays know what paper maps are. I mean, with technology, the need for those kinds of maps seems obsolete.paper-road-mapOne thing that was so helpful to have on our road trips was our Navdy HUD (Head-Up Display System). I already have this system installed in my vehicle and use it all the time for city and highway driving. I recently shared about Navdy on my blog and how convenient it is for everyday driving. Now I need to tell you just how useful Navdy can be on a road trip, too.

what-is-navdyIf you aren’t familiar with Navdy, it’s a Head-Up Display system you install on your vehicle’s dashboard. Navdy has many convenient features for you to access, all while remaining hands-free and keeping your eyes on the road thanks to hand gestures, voice control, and the dial attached to your steering wheel. With smartphone information like texts, maps and calls projected directly in your line of sight, you never have to look down at your actual phone.Navdy-Head-Up-Display-SystemLet’s face it, cell phones and distracted driving are a big problem nowadays. Navdy also has these other technological features:

  • directions
  • music control
  • speed limit
  • read and reply to texts
  • make and receive phone calls

Watch this brief video that shows how Navdy works:

Just watching that video makes me wonder why I didn’t install one in my car sooner, especially for road trips. Here are 3 ways that Navdy helped our road trips.
Keeping your eyes on the road, especially in a road trip situation, is the most important thing. With the projections right in front of you on the screen, it minimizes the distractions because you don’t even have to look away to do such things as use maps or voice command to call one of your contacts. Navdy is set up to project into the distance with transparent images, so the road stays in focus at all times.

Navdy is projected onto the screen right in front of you and is clearly visible to the driver whether it’s bright and sunny outside, cloudy and grey, or there’s a dark, nighttime sky. There was no need to feel like I was rushing to beat the daylight to still be able to use it. I also didn’t have to worry if it was cloudy or even if it rained outside. Navdy has the capability to be visible to the driver regardless of the lighting situation and the weather outside, and that was reassuring.access-maps-and-navigationI already mentioned that maps is one of the basic features on Navdy. However, the part I really appreciated the most about using Navdy on a road trip was the fact that no matter where we were driving, especially in the middle of nowhere, Navdy still had capability to navigate. Thanks to its onboard GPS, Navdy has a clear line of communication with the satellites above. Since its access comes from offline maps stored within the device, it didn’t matter if there was cell reception or not. How many times have you been on a road trip and had your “maps” go out because your phone had “No Service”? That’s scary! Being able to access maps through Navdy, regardless of where we were, was the ultimate win on our road trips.Navdy-Dash-displayIn addition to these things, being able to make phone calls, receive and reply to text messages, and control the music in the car ― all while remaining hands-free ― was very convenient and something that helped our family on our road trips. You can customize your Navdy’s display system ahead of time, too. customize-your-navdys-display-picWhether you’re going someplace local or are out on a road trip, you want to avoid distracted driving at all costs because it isn’t safe and can result in dangerous, unsafe situations for all of those on the road. Navdy technology was an immense help on our road trips and I highly recommend it for everyone! .how-many-more-minutesNow if Navdy could just come up with a feature that stops kids from asking “How many more minutes?”, that would be the ultimate dream!navdy-setup-guideFor more information about Navdy, please go here. You can also watch more informational videos on their YouTube channel here.

Reduce the Distracted Driver in You with Navdy’s Head-Up Display System

This is a sponsored post. I received promotional products in order to write this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

As a super busy mom, I find myself packing lunches, ironing school uniforms, driving carpools, making phone calls, returning texts, paying bills, and doing just about everything for my family, all throughout the day. On most days, it feels like I spend about 99% of my time in the car trying to do a lot of those things.
Overall, Americans are spending more time than ever in the car—45 billion hours a year to be exact—so I guess I’m not alone. In doing so, they’re accessing the power of their phones while driving because it’s become a necessity and that’s how most are connected to the world. According to a study, about 75% of American drivers admit they need a better way to integrate their mobile phones with their cars.navdy-mom-confession-im-distracted I’m sometimes distracted while driving. You’ll never find me putting mascara on while driving with my knee or brushing my teeth in the car, and I don’t text and drive. However, because I’m such a busy mom, I am forced to “multi-task” and do things while I’m on the road. Some of my distractions include: drinking my coffee, eating on-the-go, or making phone calls (using Bluetooth, of course). Regardless of the type of distractions, no distractions are the ideal situation when it comes to being safe while driving.navdy-no-distractionsHave you heard of Navdy yet? When the company reached out to me to try their portable head-up display (HUD) in my car, and explained that it was created to help you focus better with fewer distractions while you’re driving,navdy-installI was all over that opportunity. Navdy sits on your car’s dashboard, right in front of you, allowing you to stay connected to your network, your car, and the road, all at the same time. It’s the first device of its kind, projecting information into the distance so the road remains in focus.
Watch this video that demonstrates how Navdy works:

navdy-installing-itNavdy was very simple to set up and install in my car, with the HUD installed on the dashboard and the Navdy dial, your main tool for interacting with the device, easily accessible on your steering wheel. The system is compatible with both iPhone and Android, and you begin by downloading the Navdy app. Using the app, you walk through installation, in addition to looking through the illustrated installation guide.navdy-setup-guideNavdy-Head-Up-Display-SystemSince the system connects wirelessly with your phone, it allows you quick and direct access to your phone apps as well as your contacts. Once Navdy is set up and installed in your car, it enables simple, gesture-based access to the phone functions drivers need most and projects everything directly in your line of sight over the road ahead.Navdy-Dash-displayYou can customize the display to include info such as speed limit, MPG, fuel range, directions, RPM, compass, calendar alerts, and more. They system is a comprehensive eyes-forward solution allowing drivers to manage all their phone necessities while keeping their eyes on the road.

Some of the things drivers can do with Navdy include:

  • Receive calls and texts without touching your phone
  • Control your favorite music apps
  • Get directions and beat traffic with navigation powered by Google Maps

And much more…navdy-teen-driversNot only do I feel like Navdy is the best new solution for busy adults like myself, but it also seems like something I would insist my teenage driver utilize in the car. Don’t you agree? We want the safest possible scenario for our children, especially when they are new drivers and there are so many possible distractions that might take away from their eyes staying on the road.navdy-ensure-safetyNavdy is a truly effective way to minimize your distractions in the car and complies with all of the new hands-free driving laws. This award-winning technology system is currently offered at the great price of $499, or as low as $28/month for 18 months at 0% financing and includes free shipping to the U.S. and Canada. It’s a great price for something that’s helping to ensure the safety of you and your family in the car.
For more information about Navdy or to purchase, please visit their site at http://www.navdy.com.

Please note: Some images, logos, and video are property of Navdy and used with permission

5 Great Reasons to Drive the The Toyota Prius Four

This is not a sponsored post. I received a Toyota Prius on loan in order to write this review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

I’m a busy mom who’s always on the go. Between driving carpools, teaching school, getting my daughter to and from all of her extracurricular activities, and keeping up with our own little family of 3, I feel like I never stop moving. I normally drive an SUV because I have so much stuff to carry with me all of the time. I also have a husband who’s over 6 feet tall, so it’s just always been easier for our family to go with an SUV as our “go-to” vehicle.

toyota-prius-four-bodyWhen I was asked if I’d like to spend a week driving around a Toyota Prius Four, I’ll admit, I was hesitant at first. Initially I wondered how I’d fit our entire family in it. I was also concerned that there wouldn’t be room inside for all of our junk, but I decided to give it a try…and boy was I surprised…in a good way!toyota-prius-keyI’m going to share 5 great reasons why I loved driving around the Toyota Prius Four, even though there are probably way more! toyota-prius-its-adorableThe Prius Four is adorable. I see them out on the road all the time. I love the sleek design of the vehicle and it just seems so clean in shiny silver. From the stylish wheels to the body shape to the luxurious interior, I just love everything about the way this car looks and was so excited to get to drive one! toyota-prius-wheels

toyota-prius-four-its-quietHave you ever been next to a Prius Four when it started? It is so quiet. I wasn’t expecting that and there were actually a couple of times when I had to double check that it was on, even though I knew I’d pushed the power button to start the car.toyota-prius-power-button I loved how quiet this car was to drive. I almost felt like, in a way, it kept me calmer. toyota-prius-four-fuel-economyAs someone who normally drives an SUV, I’m always envious of other drivers because I know that they’re not pouring (and wasting) a ton of money into their gas tanks, the way I am. Did you know that the Prius Four gets up to 58 mpg in the city and up to 53 mpg on the hightway? That’s amazing! (especially compared to what my regular vehicle gets!)toyota-prius-four-fuel-economyI don’t think I had to put any gas in it for the entire week I drove it! When you don’t have to spend a ton of money to fill up your “guzzler”, it translates to more money in your pocket. The Prius was definitely developed and designed with fuel economy in mind!toyota-back

encourages-distraction-free-drivingI also appreciated all of the design efforts to keep so much of what a driver needs, within reach and provide the least amount of distractions possible. There’s a great spot to set your cell phone where it can charge wirelessly. In addition, the bluetooth compatibility allows the driver to do everything hands-free!toyota-prius-gearsSome of the features that you’ll find in one, convenient location, which allow for less distraction while driving include Blind Spot Monitoring and Cross Traffic Alert. toyota-prius-dashboard-featuresprius-interior-2

toyota-prius-four-its-roomyProbably the most surprising thing about driving the Prius Four was the leg and headroom. I honestly thought I’d have to push my husband’s head down to get him into the car but I didn’t! He’s over 6 feet tall and had no issues getting into the car or riding around comfortably inside it.prius-four-interior-1

There’s also plenty of room in the backseat. I expected that the space in the backseat would be compromised but my daughter and her friends had ample space to get comfortable. Their legs weren’t squished at all.

The space in the trunk area is generous too. I could load up the back with my weekly groceries and still had room for other things. That was also a surprise to me. I expected a lot less space in the trunk than there was. It was impressive.

There are so many great reasons to get yourself into a Prius Four. Like I said before, it really surprised me how much I loved driving this car. I love good surprises like that! 5-great-reasons-to-drive-a-toyota-prius--four

I was provided with a vehicle on loan in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are 100% my own. 




Road Trip Sanity Savers For Parents Traveling With Kids + Free Printable

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #RoadTripOil #CollectiveBias road-trip-sanity-savers-for-parents-traveling-with-kidsI get excited for family road trips. It’s the chance to get away, see new places, and explore together. Slowly but surely, we’re checking states off of our map. We’ve visited beaches, deserts, theme parks, farms, and so many other fun places, Some of our road trips are just local ones, but a getaway is a getaway, right?

road-trip-tips-yellow-flowersGetting the Car Ready
Before hitting the road, there are some things I always need to do to prepare. I made a stop at Walmart a couple of weeks ago to shop for some road trip necessities and noticed a Rollback sign at the Automotive Care Center. Did you know many Walmart locations had these? They’re open 7 days a week, too. How convenient! walmart-auto-centerRight now, through September 28, you can get an oil change with Pennzoil® High Mileage Vehicle® motor oil for $35.88. (It’s on Rollback from $39.88) Since my car has over 75,000 miles on it, most likely from all of the road trippin’, that’s what kind I need to get. If you’re not sure which one you need, the Automotive Care Center Manager can help you when you’re there. Pennzoil® High Mileage Vehicle® motor oil helps clean out the sludge lesser oils leave behind, while helping to reduce leaks and oil consumption in worn or higher mileage engines. road-trip-tips-oil-change-menuIt’s a motor oil specifically designed for new or late model vehicles with over 75,000 miles, with the mission of keeping engines running clean and going strong. If your vehicle has less than 75,000 miles on it, you’ll want to road-trip-tips-peace-of-mindStocking up the Car
Once my car was all set and had the oil changed, I could start packing and gathering things to keep everyone in the car happy. My husband sometimes says I pack a little too much into the car, but I just call it being prepared.

road-trip-tips-preparedHere are some of the things I never go on a road trip without:

  • snacks – both dry snacks and some fresh fruit
  • water/other drink options
  • a cooler with ice, to keep in the back
  • plastic sandwich bags or plastic cups – for serving snacks to the kids
  • baby wipes – I use these for everything. Trust me, you need these on your trip!
  • a roll (or two) of toilet paper
  • tissue
  • a first aid kit
  • Ibuprofin –  for adults and kids
  • allergy medicine – you just never know if you’ll need this
  • extra towels
  • blankets

I know some of these things seem like you’d never forget to bring them, but I’ve seen so many people trying to buy some of these items at rest stops or gas stations in the middle of nowhere and either they don’t carry them or they’re really expensive. Hopefully this list will help you before your next road trip. road-trip-tips-disneyKid-Friendly Road Trip Activities 
I was trying to find things to occupy the kids, that would help save my sanity. I was also attempting to find things that don’t involve technology, although I know it’s inevitably going to come out at some point on the trip. road-trip-tips-how-many-more-minutesThe thought of a road trip can sometimes be so ideal in your head, before you actually get on the road, but hearing things like, “How many more minutes?” or “Are we almost there?” from the little people in the backseat, can drive you nuts! I sometimes think kids must teach each other these phrases because they all seem to say it. road-trip-bingo-card-blue-borderIn “the olden days”, when I was a kid, our options included: staring out the window or playing the license plate game. I wanted to be a little more creative than that. I suppose this version of “Road Trip BINGO” is just a modernized version of the license plate game, except I’ve upped the game…I added a prize! They have one card to share, which is supposed to promote “working together” and when they get “BINGO”, they get to choose where we stop for our next treat. Seems like a win-win for me, don’t you think? I printed two different cards, so they could play again on the way home! I figure it’ll buy me at least a little bit of time without having to hear those annoying questions. Check out my two favorite parts on the BINGO game. I circled them for you! road-trip-bingo-fav-parts

You can print out your own copy of these free printable here. I suggest printing it on white cardstock.

Do you have any special road trip tips that you like to use when traveling with kids? Share with me in the comments! Happy Road Trippin’!

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Kia and B.R.A.K.E.S. Offer FREE Teen Defensive Driving Training in San Diego July 30-31

It’s no secret that Kis is one of my favorite brands. I had the opportunity to drive the Sedona and the Sorento, each one for a week, and loved both of them. It’s a great brand and I appreciate the safety features they build into each model, in addition to all of the other features.2016-kia-sorento-body-openWhen I heard the announcement that Kia Motors America formed an expanded partnership with B.R.A.K.E.S. (Be Responsible and Keep Everyone Safe), a non-profit organization that provides free, hands-on defensive driving workshops in cities nationwide, I was excited to share the news with my readers!

The program was developed to accelerate the education of teen drivers and their parents on safe driving practices. The multi-year partnership is expected to double the number of teens and parents that receive the life-saving training. kia-brakes-classB.R.A.K.E.S. will use an expanded fleet of vehicles provided by Kia and increase the number of classes offered.

Here’s a video about the course:

As a parent of a future teen drive, I don’t like to hear real statistics but it is important to be educated and aware! Did you know that crashes are the leading cause of death for 15-17 year olds worldwide? This is so sad and scary but a real statistic. 2016-kia-sorento-interror-with-dashboardTo provide teenagers with the training and tools to be safe and responsible behind the wheel, Kia Motors America (KMA) and the B.R.A.K.E.S. (Be Responsible And Keep Everyone Safe) Teen Pro-Active Driving School are bringing the 501(c)(3) 0uycharity’s free advanced driver training to San Diego July 30-31 at Qualcomm Stadium. According to a recent study, the B.R.A.K.E.S. program reduces the accident rate of teen drivers by approximately 64% in their first three years of driving. 2016-kia-sorento-satelliteThe B.R.A.K.E.S. curriculum includes advanced, behind-the-wheel training from professional driving instructors using Kia provided vehicles.

Training includes:

  • skid control
  • distracted driving awareness
  • panic stopping (ABS activation)
  • drop-wheel recovery
  • car control

Together, we can help save lives by preparing teens for the hazardous conditions they will face while on the road!  If you or someone you know has a teen, enrollment is still open. Reserve a free seat today at http://putonthebrakes.org/shop2016-kia-sorento-navConnect with Kia Motors American on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own. Some images and video clip are property of Kia Motors America and the B.R.A.K.E.S. program. 

Family Fun in the 2016 Kia Sorento

I was provided with a vehicle on loan from Kia in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

It was so much fun to drive around a 2016 Kia Sorento SX Limited AWD! This SUV drives so smoothly and was the perfect vehicle to take on a weekend family getaway to Palm Springs! 2016-kia-sorento-body-openThe Sorento seats 7 people safely and comfortably, so although our family is smaller than that, I can rest assured knowing there’s plenty of room, when my daughter wants to bring some of her friends in the car with us. 2016-kia-sorento-seats2016-kia-sorento-backseatFor more storage in the back trunk area, you can just fold down the 3rd row of seats. There was a ton of room for all of our weekend necessities!


2016-Kia-sorento-trunkThe interior upholstery was a stylish 2-tone leather that was super soft. It’s as if we were meant to spend the weekend together because the interior even matched my handbag!


2016-kia-sorento-copilotYou can pretty much find every bell and whistle you might want on the Sorento. One of my favorite features is the Smart Key.2016-kia-sorento-smart-key I am rarely without a bunch of stuff in my hands and this technology allows you to lock and unlock the vehicle by just having the Smart Key nearby. (like in your purse or your pocket). Unlocking and getting in saves makes life so much easier. 2016-kia-sorento-start-and-stopWith this feature, you can also start and stop the car with the simple push of a button. Also incorporated is the immobililzer function which prevents the vehicle from starting without the Smart Key. 2016-kia-sorento-navIn addition to the Smart Key feature, our Sorento was equipped with a ton of other features! Here are just some of them:

  • Infinity® Surround Sound Audio System with Clari-Fi™, Ten Speakers, External Amplifier & Subwoofer, HD Radio™
  • Rear-Camera Display
  • Back up Warning System
  • Surround View Monitor (SVM)
  • Blind-Spot Detection (BSD) System
  • BLUETOOTH® Wireless Technology Hands-Free Connectivity
  • Steering-Wheel-Mounted Audio, Hands-Free Phone and Cruise Control Buttons
  • USB 2.1 Charger Ports & 12 Volt Power Outlets
  • Power Windows with Driver & Passenger One-Touch Auto-Up/Down 2016-kia-sorento-satellite

To see more features available on the Sorento, click here.

IMG_1259This Kia Sorento drove so smoothly. With such variations in the weather here in Southern California, we got to experience it all while we were driving it. Talk about great handling!
“She” shines beautifully in the warm SoCal Winter sunshine! I like the way her wheels sparkle in the sun! 2016-kia-sorento-wheelsAt some point during our weekend getaway, we experienced high winds and rain in Palm Springs. Let me just share with you that I felt beyond safe driving in that weather and never felt like we were being blown around at all. It also stayed really quiet inside the car, even when there was heavy wind and rain just right outside! 2016-kia-sorento-rain-and-windThe windshield wipers kept the windows clear for the driver to see out WAY better than my daughter’s glasses handled the rain! 2016-kia-sorento-rainOverall, it was a great weekend spent with the Kia Sorento. I love the way it looks, I love the way it drives, and I love how many safety features are built into it. You can purchase a Sorento starting at just $25,100! To learn more and even virtually build your own model, click here. It’s truly a great vehicle that I think you’d love too!


Driving Around in the Kia Sedona Was As Much Fun As Hanging Out With One of the Girls!

Disclosure: I was provided with a Kia Sedona vehicle for a week, in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own! 

I recently had the pleasure of spending a week driving around a beautiful, 2015 Kia Sedona. The moment I saw her parked there, sparkling in the sun, I KNEW she had to be a girl!  She was so pretty!


kia-sedona-1The 2015 Sedona is premium comfort in a minivan. I’d never driven a minivan before and I must say that I previously misjudged how awesome they are. I enjoyed our time together so much that it felt like I was hanging out with one of the girls. Let me tell you a few reasons why!

shes-stylishI already mentioned how sparkly the Kia Sedona was upon delivery but every feature about the this vehicle is stylish. The vehicle, itself, has a sleek design.

dash-featuresThe interior is extremely luxurious and with a roomy driver’s cockpit and the model I drove had leather everything.  It’s equipped with high-tech gadgets, which makes it even more functional. It’s like a mom’s dream! And…the Sedona even has great taste in “shoes”! Just look at those alloy wheels!


shes-tech-savvyThe  2015 Kia Sedona is equipped with some high-tech features and gadgets that I found so convenient and efficient. She knows the importance of being “with the times” in order to keep up in the modern world!

Here are just a few of my favorite tech-features

Remote Keyless entry: First of all, this remote keyless entry just requires that the key be nearby, like in your hand or purse. You don’t need to enter a code or push anything from the key or your keychain. You literally push a button on the driver’s door and and it unlocks the doors. This is a huge convenience when your hands are full because no one likes to juggle everything they’re carrying to find their keys. I know that I rarely approach my car with empty hands, so this almost seems like this feature was created just for me.

push-button-startPush Button Start with Smart Key: This is another great feature. As long as the key is in the car, the car will start with one touch of the ignition button. It’s another great convenience and time saver.

Voice Command Navigation System: You can utilize the large 8″ display on the dashboard with Voice-Command. Real-time highway traffic helps you navigate the most efficient route to your destination. The system also has the capability to help you locate restaurants, gas stations, stores, and pretty much any destination you’re looking for. It even reminds you when you’re low on fuel AND helps you search for the closest gas station!

low-fuelSmart Power Liftgate:  I loved this feature! You just have to stand behind the Sedona with your Smart Key and the liftgate opens automatically for you! It’s the next best thing to having someone open it for you.

Read about some of the other tech features on this vehicle here.

she-plays-it-safeThe Sedona had the most complete safety back-up camera system I’ve seen on any vehicle I’ve driven. When the car was in reverse, you had a view of what was behind you from the rear-camera display on the dashboard, but there’s actually a surround view monitor on the car so you can see around the entire car too. In the case of something or someone being in the close proximity of the car, it’s also equipped with a backup warning system which will beep at you. It’s such an efficient setup and Kia has taken that extra step towards safety with these features!

cameraAnother safety feature is the BLUETOOTH® Wireless Technology Hands-Free Connectivity. This feature allows for you to maintain your focus on the road and keep both hands on the wheel. Kia seems very dedicated to ensuring “distraction-free driving” for its car owners and they are doing an excellent job of making that happen through the design of their cars. So many of the buttons are right on the steering wheel or right up on the dashboard so that it doesn’t take your attention away from the road.


The stereo system in the Sedona is on point! In addition to the usual AM/FM stereo and a CD player, it also has MP3 capabilities and featured SiriusXM! I was spoiled with the SiriusXM, especially when Foo Fighters and Britney Spears came on!  My daughter, on the other hand, was way more excited about having access to Radio Disney in the car though than hearing “mommy’s music”!



The Sedona is very verbal and not afraid to use her voice. As I pointed out before, the vehicle is equipped with many tech-savvy features. Not only does it have so many technological features but it also uses its voice. Using an audible warning, the system will let you know when there’s either something in your way when you’re backing up or if anything is close to your vehicle when you’re changing lanes. It produces a very significant beep that really grabs your attention  immediately.  Another time you’ll hear her use her “big voice” is when she’s helping you get somewhere with the navigation system or telling you about traffic.

I think the funnest part of our week with the Sedona was taking her on a weekend road trip to Vegas for one of my daughter’s cheer competitions! She was so comfy to ride in. The third row of seats is a complete row, but also folds down easily to provide a ton of room for luggage and trip necessities.


packingI loved that the Sedona didn’t judge how much stuff we brought for our quick getaway trip! She understands a girl’s need to excessively pack!

vegasI also loved that she didn’t have to be reminded that “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!“…especially when it means bringing home tons of bags from shopping at places like M&Ms World! All of the shopping we did in Vegas will just remain our little secret!


I think this is actually the best part about the Sedona.  She knows how to keep the kids happy! As a mom, this is a priority and I spend a great deal of time trying to keep my daughter happy. The Kia totally “gets” it and has some features that “wow-ed” the kids on our road trip.

2-sunroofsTWO sunroofs: I feel like I can’t even compete with this one! The rear-seat passengers can also enjoy an open-air experience with the 2nd Row-Power Sliding Sunroof. You’re able to operate the 2nd-row sunroof, independently from the 1st-row sunroof, with front and rear controls.We spent quite a while playing with this feature. (when we were parked, of course) It sure makes for some cute photo opportunities too!

back-windowsBack power windows…they roll down: I think one of the biggest problems with minivans relates to having sliding back doors that don’t have access to fresh air via windows that roll down. The Sedona not only has power windows that roll down in the back, but also has screens you can put up to help block out sun. This was definitely a feature we loved when we were driving through the sunny desert on our way to Vegas!

2nd-row-seating2nd row, First-Class Lounge Seating: The seating in the 2nd row absolutely blew me away! It’s pure heaven back there with those recliner seats that provide adjustable lower leg support. It was like one of those luxury movie theater chairs.  There’s also a 2nd-Row Center Seat that’s available to make even more room for you and all your friends. It can fold down, using the Slide-N-Stow™ system,  to provide an armrest and cup holders for two 2nd-row passengers when you don’t need it. (It can also fold up and forward or be removed completely.) These seats made ME want to climb in the backseat and ask someone else to drive!

happy-kidNow you can see all of the reasons why I not only fell in love with the Kia Sedona for the week I drove her ar0und, but also felt like she understood me like one of my girlfriends would! I loved driving this vehicle and would highly recommend it to others. I only have one daughter and I’d still love to own a Kia Sedona JUST to have all of that space inside and luxurious features. My daughter still talks about the Sedona, to this day!

To read more about the Kia Sedona, click here. Connect with Kia Motors on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too!