I was provided with a vehicle on loan from Kia in order to facilitate my review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

It was so much fun to drive around a 2016 Kia Sorento SX Limited AWD! This SUV drives so smoothly and was the perfect vehicle to take on a weekend family getaway to Palm Springs! 2016-kia-sorento-body-openThe Sorento seats 7 people safely and comfortably, so although our family is smaller than that, I can rest assured knowing there’s plenty of room, when my daughter wants to bring some of her friends in the car with us. 2016-kia-sorento-seats2016-kia-sorento-backseatFor more storage in the back trunk area, you can just fold down the 3rd row of seats. There was a ton of room for all of our weekend necessities!


2016-Kia-sorento-trunkThe interior upholstery was a stylish 2-tone leather that was super soft. It’s as if we were meant to spend the weekend together because the interior even matched my handbag!


2016-kia-sorento-copilotYou can pretty much find every bell and whistle you might want on the Sorento. One of my favorite features is the Smart Key.2016-kia-sorento-smart-key I am rarely without a bunch of stuff in my hands and this technology allows you to lock and unlock the vehicle by just having the Smart Key nearby. (like in your purse or your pocket). Unlocking and getting in saves makes life so much easier. 2016-kia-sorento-start-and-stopWith this feature, you can also start and stop the car with the simple push of a button. Also incorporated is the immobililzer function which prevents the vehicle from starting without the Smart Key. 2016-kia-sorento-navIn addition to the Smart Key feature, our Sorento was equipped with a ton of other features! Here are just some of them:

  • Infinity® Surround Sound Audio System with Clari-Fi™, Ten Speakers, External Amplifier & Subwoofer, HD Radio™
  • Rear-Camera Display
  • Back up Warning System
  • Surround View Monitor (SVM)
  • Blind-Spot Detection (BSD) System
  • BLUETOOTH® Wireless Technology Hands-Free Connectivity
  • Steering-Wheel-Mounted Audio, Hands-Free Phone and Cruise Control Buttons
  • USB 2.1 Charger Ports & 12 Volt Power Outlets
  • Power Windows with Driver & Passenger One-Touch Auto-Up/Down 2016-kia-sorento-satellite

To see more features available on the Sorento, click here.

IMG_1259This Kia Sorento drove so smoothly. With such variations in the weather here in Southern California, we got to experience it all while we were driving it. Talk about great handling!
“She” shines beautifully in the warm SoCal Winter sunshine! I like the way her wheels sparkle in the sun! 2016-kia-sorento-wheelsAt some point during our weekend getaway, we experienced high winds and rain in Palm Springs. Let me just share with you that I felt beyond safe driving in that weather and never felt like we were being blown around at all. It also stayed really quiet inside the car, even when there was heavy wind and rain just right outside! 2016-kia-sorento-rain-and-windThe windshield wipers kept the windows clear for the driver to see out WAY better than my daughter’s glasses handled the rain! 2016-kia-sorento-rainOverall, it was a great weekend spent with the Kia Sorento. I love the way it looks, I love the way it drives, and I love how many safety features are built into it. You can purchase a Sorento starting at just $25,100! To learn more and even virtually build your own model, click here. It’s truly a great vehicle that I think you’d love too!


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