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Naturally White OC Now Open in Corona Del Mar

I received services in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

I have a love-hate relationship with coffee. I can’t imagine my morning without it but we all know that coffee is one of the things that can stain and yellow your teeth. Lately, I wasn’t loving what I saw when I’d look in the mirror at my teeth, so when I received an invitation to try out the all-new Naturally White OC, I jumped at the chance to try it out. Have you had your teeth whitened before, aside from an at-home treatment? I’d never had it done but now that I have, I feel like an in-office treatment is the best route to take.  It was so convenient and simple to have done and it only took about an hour out of my day.The products used on your teeth at Naturally White OC are made with a plant and mineral based formula. The active ingredient in the whitening gel is a food-grade hydrogen peroxide that contains three key minerals to stabilize and strengthen the enamel. All of the products used at Naturally White OC are made in the U.S. so they’re compliant with FDA regulations. They make sure that every ingredient that goes into their products is safe for all clients to use, including children (13 and older). The results are guaranteed to lighten your teeth 3-12 shades lighter from just one visit! (One visit is broken into three 20-minute sessions.)What’s A Visit to Naturally White OC Like?
When you first arrive at Naturally White OC, you are greeted by someone from their friendly staff, which actually seems more like one big family. There’s some initial “paperwork” to fill out, similar to what you do at a doctor’s office, except this is all done on an iPad. How fun and modern is that?

After you’ve completed your paperwork, you’re led to the whitening area and seated in a comfy chair, like one of the ones you sit and relax in at the dentist. Before beginning any of the whitening treatments, your technician will uses a set of artificial teeth to compare your initial color to, to find out what shade your teeth started out at, to have something to compare it to when you’re all done. Next, your technician will start to prep you for the first 20-minute whitening session. They”ll put an aparatus in your mouth to hold it open (Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt at all.) and then apply the special whitening gel onto your teeth. Once your teeth are ready, you lay back and a special FDA approved LED light  at your teeth to get the process going. This UV light is the most advanced and effective LED technology that is designed to accelerate the whitening process. To protect your eyes, you’ll be wearing goggles during these sessions. After my final session of the 3 was done, I rinsed my teeth and compared my teeth once more to find that they’d lightened by 4 shades. I was so excited about this! They recommended I not eat or drink anything dark (that could re-stain my teeth) until the following day. At-home treatments available for purchase at Naturally White OC
I loved that Naturally White OC also had several options available for purchase to do at-home whitening treatments and also to maintain your teeth after an in-office visit. Here are some of the products you can purchase from them:

  • Naturally White Pro-Home Kit
  • Naturally White Teeth Whitening Pen
  • Naturally White’s signature Boost Remineralizing gel

Naturally White OC is located at
2711 East Coast Hwy Unit C.
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

I loved my in-office treatment at Naturally White OC and love the way my teeth look now. I feel more confident about my smile after my treatment. Book your own appointment today, either online or by calling 949.287.6988.Connect with Naturally White OC on Facebook and Instagram.

{Giveaway} Burke Williams Holiday Gift Card Packages Include a Special Gift Just for You

I received products in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

I’m excited to share with you about Burke Williams’ four special Gift Card Packages to celebrate the holiday season! Give the gift of relaxation, health and wellness with Burke Williams Day Spas, where the ones you care for can indulge in world-class amenities and choose from a full menu of services that will transform their day. Each Holiday Gift Card Package purchased includes a bonus gift card and a coveted 3-Day Spa Pass, a $225 value, just for you.burke-williams-mothers-day-gift-cards-lobbyTreat those on your holiday gift list with a luxurious spa day that can be customized especially for them. The “Escape,” “Transform,” “Indulge” and “Ultimate” tiered Gift Card Packages invite guests to unwind, relax and renew. Each gift purchased includes a bonus gift card and 3-Day Spa Pass, good for three complimentary visits to any Burke Williams and 20% off services booked the same day. Packages go on sale Friday, November 24 and are redeemable at all locations.burke-williams-jacuzziGive the gift of an “Escape” for $150 – $249 and receive a $50 bonus gift card. “Transform” someone’s day for $250 – $399 and receive a $100 gift card just for you. Let your loved ones “Indulge” for $400 – $549 and receive a $150 gift card. Give the “Ultimate” spa day for $650 – $749 and receive a bonus $250 gift card, giving the special someone in your life the ultimate spa day – and keeping something special for you.burke-williams-loungeBurke Williams also offers Corporate Holiday Gift Cards, an extraordinary gift for valued employees. For every 5 gift cards purchase receive 1 free gift card of equal value or equal service. Gift cards are presented in an elegant box with gift bag and tissue paper at no additional cost.burke-williams-friendsAll holiday gift card packages can be customized to include specific Burke Williams signature services and enhancements, or gifted simply as the amount so that the recipient can select their own services to renew and refresh. Gift certificates are available for purchase at Burke Williams locations or online to print at home or email directly to your gift list.burke-williams-lounge-2Spreading holiday cheer to those you care for is simple with Burke Williams Gift Card Packages. For information on Burke Williams and to find a spa near you, please visit http://www.BurkeWilliamsSpa.com or call 1-866-239-6635. Happy Holidays! giveaway

I’m also hosting a giveaway for one (1) of my readers to win their very own R3 Transform and a 3 Day Spa Pass! To enter this giveaway, please leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite service at Burke Williams Day Spa. If you’ve never been, tell me what you’re hoping to schedule for yourself on your first visit there. Good luck everyone! Thanks for reading!

burke-williiams-h2v I will accept comments as entries until 11:59 p.m.on 12/15/17, when I will close the giveaway. I will then draw a winner using Random Number Generator. Winner will be contacted via email. Giveaway open to US residents, ages 18 years and older.

All of Burke Williams’ H2V products are available for purchase in their online store. You can check them out here.

Some images are property of Burke Williams and used with permission. 

Exploring Anti-Aging Solutions with Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tenley Lawton

I received services in order to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

I want to begin this post by pointing out that I’m well aware of the fact that no matter how “pretty” you are on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that truly matters most!whats-on-the-insideThis is exactly what I teach my own daughter and try to live by, placing other important things above vanity. With that being said, the clock isn’t slowing down and I’m here to talk about something I did for myself in attempt to reverse some of the aging on my face.aging-is-no-jokeI don’t know if life is more stressful nowadays or what exactly is going on but I felt like I was at a point where I dreaded looking at myself in the mirror. It honestly felt like every time I’d look in the mirror, all I would see was stress written all over my face…in the form of wrinkles! Do you ever feel that way? If the answer is “yes”, you aren’t alone.look-in-the-mirrorI couldn’t stand my wrinkles! It was as if motherhood, marriage, my job, financial stuff, current politics, and age, all got together for a collaboration..on my face! Once I hit my late 30’s, it became a race to keep up and fight the aging process. It’s the worst! stressors-on-my-faceLuckily for me, I connected with an amazing female board-certified  Orange County plastic surgeon Dr. Tenley Lawton. She’s a mom, too, so she gets it. She’s practiced cosmetic surgery for years now and I actually have a couple of friends who have gone to her for reconstructive surgery after battling Breast Cancer.dr-lawton-officeDuring my consultation, I felt like Dr. Lawton really listened to me explain my concerns and expectations for the visit. My biggest areas of concern included:

  • the crows feet by my eyes
  • the wrinkle between my brows
  • the wrinkles on my forehead
  • the wrinkles on both sides of my nose (at the top)

areas-that-bothered-meDr. Lawton gave a thorough analysis about what she could (and couldn’t) do to counter the wrinkles and other areas on my face that were bothering me. discussingShe suggested non-surgical options, which was fine with me because I’m not even close to ready for a face lift. Using Botox injections is very effective for the problem areas I mentioned above.botox-boxas-if-wrinkles-werent-bad-enoughDid you know that as you age, your face loses its fullness too? As if wrinkles weren’t bad enough, now my face was falling? There’s no way I’m willing to “age gracefully”! I fully intend to fight this process and not let it get the best of me! juvederm-voluma-boxIn addition to some of the areas on my face with Botox, Dr. Lawton also suggested using some Juvederm Voluma in my cheeks. in the areas formerly known as the “apples” of my cheeks. not-willing-to-age-gracefullyKnow before you go
If you’ve never had injections like these before, it’s usually a good idea to avoid drinking alcohol and taking Ibuprofen for the 2 weeks prior to your appointment. This is to help minimize bruising, which can happen regardless.inject-to-the-siteWhat does it feel like?
Both Botox and Juvederm Voluma are injected right into the areas you’re targeting. If you’re wondering whether it hurts or not, I don’t think it does. However, that’s just my opinion. The Botox just feels like a bunch of quick needle pokes. The Voluma is still a tiny poke but sits longer as the filler is injected to either build up an area or fill in a line. Again, it’s not bad at all and totally worth it! It’s obvious that Dr. Lawton has a lot of experience and knows that she’s doing, because I barely felt the injections.

How long does it take to see results?
Botox takes about 10 to 14 days to take full effect, so you won’t see immediate results from the Botox right after your visit. The Voluma is a different story though. It’s a filler so you can pretty much immediately see where it’s been injected. Voluma is great for filling in lines too, like the ones around your mouth and lips. I had some lines on my forehead too but those seemed to have gone away just with the Botox.thank-you-dr-lawtonI’m so grateful I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Tenley Lawton and that I had such a wonderful experience. She is passionate about her work and about her patients, regardless of what they’re in the office for. Her passion is even obvious on her social channels like her Instagram.

Having non-surgical options to help in this fight against the aging process made me feel like I could face the world again. In all seriousness though, I have more confidence now in talking to others and don’t feel the need to use so many filters on my photos. From time-to-time, we should all take the time to do something for ourselves, whatever it may be.

If you are considering taking a pro-active approach to the aging process, I highly suggest calling the office to schedule a consultation and an appointment with Dr. Lawton.

Dr. Tenley Lawton’s office is located at:

 361 Hospital Rd #329
Newport Beach, Ca. 92663
949. 640.0999

To learn more about the full range of services Dr. Lawton offers, including Mommy Makeovers please visit her site here. Connect with Lawton M.D. on Facebook  too.

{Giveaway} Summer Self Care with Burke Williams Day Spa and H2V Skincare

I received spa services in exchange for writing this post. All opinions are my own. 

Summer is a great time to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather outside, especially here in Southern California. For me, it’s also an opportunity to put more effort into my own self care and give myself some extra TLC and pampering. I’ve learned that the better I take care of myself, the happier I am and more able I am to care for those I love. (a.k.a my family)burke-williams-entryBurke Williams Day Spa is one of my favorite places to get pampered. Whether it’s with one of their amazing massages, a facial, or a pedicure, I live for my special trips there because in addition to the services I’ve booked for myself, I can also spend as much time as I’d like, relaxing in the spa area, which includes the whirlpool, sauna, steam room, cool misting room and a vanity area. It’s amazing!
burke-williams-jacuzziDid you know that Burke Williams has its own, exclusive skincare line called H2V? This signature skin care line proves lasting beauty is a marriage of art and science. H2V products combine natural herbs and botanicals with tested scientific ingredients. Burke Williams’ team of experienced scientists, estheticians, and industry professionals have created an effective, results-oriented line of products designed to repair and enhance your skin. Constantly evolving to incorporate the most advanced technology, H2V is a custom-formulated professional skin care line that is designed to enhance your natural beauty.burke-williams-facial One of the line’s best selling products is Buff, which is a refining exfoliant with microdermabrasion crystals and cornmeal, that provides even and complete exfoliation. Bentonite clay assists with detoxifying to maintain fresh looking and healthy skin. Buff is great for teens, men and women. It’s a fantastic product that could be an ideal (and affordable) gift for yourself or special someone in your life. burke-williams-buff

I’m so excited about this product that I’m hosting a giveaway for one (1) of my lucky readers to be able to win their own jar of Buff, one of Burke Williams’ top selling products, and a 3 Day Spa Pass. (spa pass good for three trips to Burke Williams to use the amenities and receive 20% off services). im-having-a-giveawayTo enter my giveaway, just go to my Instagram. look for the photo above, showing a girl receiving a relaxing facial, and leave a comment telling me what your favorite spa service at Burke Williams is. I will accept comments as entries on the Instagram post until 11:59 p.m. on 8/27/17, when I will close the giveaway. I will then draw a winner using Random Number Generator. Winner will be contacted via DM on Instagram. Good luck everyone! Thanks for reading!

All of Burke Williams H2V products are available for purchase in their online store. You can check them out here.

Some images are property of Burke Williams Day Spa. 

My Perfect Day Out at Burke Williams Spa + Enter to Win

I was invited to visit Burke Williams Spa and received services in order to write this review. Images are property of Burke Williams. All opinions are 100% my own. 

When’s the last time you did something for yourself? I’m not talking about stopping for a latte or taking a power nap. I’m talking about actually scheduling yourself for some real pampering time? A facial, a massage, a mani/pedi perhaps? Well, I rarely do things like that for myself. I have a confession: It’s been so long for me, that I can’t remember the last time I did any of those things.burke-williams-exteriorI was invited to spend a relaxing afternoon at Burke Williams Spa in Mission Viejo. From the moment I opened the front door, I felt hypnotized by the aromatherapy scents inside. It’s like a dream when you check in and are led back to the women’s spa. Guests are assigned a secure locker where they can store their personal belongings. Inside the locker you’ll find a super soft, comfy robe to borrow and some spa slippers to use. I didn’t hesitate to change into my bathing suit to take advantage of all the spa area has to offer, before my treatment appointment time. burke-williams-jacuzziInside of the women’s spa, complimentary amenities include a whirlpool, steam room, sauna, showers and fully appointed vanity area. After I spent some time enjoying the whirlpool and steam room, I relaxed in the beautiful lounge area. I loved sitting there and enjoying some fruit-infused iced water while I read magazines. When it was my appointment time, I was greeted by my masseuse and led back to the treatment room for a 50 minute Pure Relaxation Massage. It was so wonderful and I felt like all my worries melted away. (Per spa policies, I don’t have any photos of my own from inside the spa, as cell phone use isn’t allowed in this area) I felt like all of my worries melted away!burke-williams-loungeWhat I realized afterward my visit to Burke Williams Spa was that I need to do it more often! Did you know that you can also purchase a “Day Pass” for spa use without a booked service? It’s available for a $45 entrance fee, Monday through Thursday (excluding holidays) and reservations are required.  which entitles you to visit and utilize all of the spa amenities when you aren’t visiting for a treatment. Reservations are required for spa use without service.burke-williams-lounge-2Giveaway-time

You can  also enter my giveaway to win a 3-Day Spa Pass to Burke Williams by leaving a comment below telling me what the last nice thing you did for YOU was! The 3-Day Spa Pass is pass good for three complimentary visits to the spa nearest you to indulge in the whirlpool, sauna, steam room, cool misting room and vanity area, and it’s also good for 20% off services booked the same day. I will close the giveaway at 11:59 p.m. on 2/27/17 and draw a winner using Random Number Generator. Winner’s will be contacted via email. 

About Burke Williams
Burke Williams created the original urban day spa in 1984, elevating the spa experience to a new art form. Drawing inspiration from world-class European day spas, we combine the finest traditions with nourishing innovations to transport you from the stress of every day life. Our dedicated, professional therapists will treat you to the ultimate in relaxation and renewal. We are a sanctuary, a place of wellness and beauty, inspiration and optimism.

To find a Burke Williams Spa nearest you, visit their site here. Connect with Burke Williams Spa on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



The Refresh, Set, Glow Kit From Sephora Inside JCPenney #SephorainJCP #SoWorthIt

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with JCPenney. All opinions are 100% my own. #SephorainJCP #SoWorthIt

January is always such an exciting time of year! I love the beginning of a new year because I feel like it’s a chance for me to start fresh. For the new year, I’ve been working on maintaining some healthy new habits and beauty routines because it’s important to take care of yourself. It’s also important to treat yourself from time to time.sephora-inside-jcpenney-hello-love It looks like Sephora had the same idea as I did: to start the new year right. They put together a Sephora Favorites Refresh, Set, Glow Kit, that’s perfect for the work hard, play hard girl on the go. The kit features on-the-go glam solutions that will revive your hair, complexion, and makeup and is the perfect way to kick off the new year. sephora-inside-jcpenney-blue-caseRefresh, Set, Glow Kit is exclusive to Sephora Inside JCPenney. They’re literally two of my favorite brands to shop, so having them both in the same place is a win-win for me!sephora-inside-jcpenney-logoBefore I even opened the kit, I was in love! It comes in this adorable, light aqua zippered, cosmetic bag and has the Sephora signature logo on the handle. Inside are a ton of fun things to try. 11-picksThere are 11 portable picks in all, each set to either revive your hair, your skin, or your makeup. Here’s what you’ll find inside this kit:
Mini Foreo: Play by ForeoThis genius invention allows you to clean while you’re on-the-go. They’re perfect for the gym or even traveling.sephora-inside-jcpenney-foreoBlur by CliniqueThis blurring product is perfect for adding finishing touches to your face and especially help with improving your selfies.sephora-inside-jcpenney-cliniqueCoconut Sheet Mask by FarmacyYou’ll love this deeply moisturizing calming and soothing mask.
GinZing Moisturizer by OriginsYour skin will get an extra “zing” from this energy-boosting moisturizer.
Defense Refresh Mist (15mL) by SupergoopThis mist is perfect to spray on after makeup has been applied, as well as allowing you to apply sunscreen after makeup. It also reapplies several times during the day.
Truth Wipes by OleThese wipes have the ability to brighten, hydrate, and cleanse your skin, all in one. This fit perfectly in your purse or gym bag.sephora-inside-jcpenney-clean-truth-cleansing-clothsTies from Sephora CollectionThese are great for pulling back your hair while you wash your face or even just for down time at home.sephora-inside-jcpenney-hair-tiesSugar Lip Treatment (Rose) by FreshYou’ll fall in love with this super moisturizing lip treatment with SPF, that leaves your lips beyond soft.sephora-inside-jcpenney-sugar-roseBlow Dry by Bumble and bumble We could all use a little help repairing what we’ve done to our hair via the blowdryer.Bb-repair“Better Than Sex” Mascara by Too FacedI think the name of this product speaks for itself! It’s an amazing mascara. That’s for sure!too-faced-mascaraRain Skin Rollerball by CLEANThis light fragrance smells amazing and is so easy to stick into your cosmetic bag in your purse.clean-rain-fragranceThe Refresh, Set, Glow Kit is a beautiful collection of sought after products that make you feel beautiful. It’s perfect to take on a trip and would make a great gift for every girl on your shopping list! Have you shopped at Sephora Inside JCPenney before? What are some of your favorite products? Share with me in the comments. For more information about Sephora Inside JCPenney, go here.
About Sephora inside JCPenney
At Sephora Inside JCPenney, you can find fashion and beauty all in one place with it’s unique, open-sell environment. JCPenney began opening Sephora inside JCPenney stores in October 2006. That original launch turned into a phenomenon and today there are Sephora locations in JCPenney stores nationwide.

The Spring FabFitFun Box: Happiness on my Doorstep!

There’s nothing more fun than coming home to a surprise on your front doorstep! I I hadn’t even opened the Spring FabFitFun box yet and I was already smiling! The fact that the box, itself, had a beautiful design  I knew that whatever was inside, was going to be something special and just for me! spring-fab-fit-fun-box-doorstepspring-fab-fit-fun-box-2I’ll be honest here, I’ve never really had an interest in subscription boxes, mainly because I once signed up for one (insert name of company here) and I received a box full of things that I couldn’t even pretend to use! The FabFitFun box is a completely different story though! It’s the subscription gift box with full-size fashion, beauty and fitness products. I can see why it’s been endorsed by celebrities like Ashley Tisdale, Kim Zolciak and Bethany Frankel. It’s literally a box filled with fabulous! I loved the little magazine-style guide that came in the box, explaining the story behind each product and brand.spring-fab-fit-fun-box-guide Here are a couple of fun un-boxing “shorts” I made on my musical.ly account. If you want to see all of the contents of the box, just take a peek at these. (music credit: Ryan & Sharpay – “Fabulous” and Selena Gomez – “Who Says”)

Here are all of the fun contents I found in my Spring FabFitFun box:

  • ISH Contour Kit
  • Jook & Nona Tag Necklace
  • Marrakesh Argan & Hemp Oil
  • Jus D’Amour Bath Bomb Trinity
  • Keratin Gloves® and Socks
  • MakersKit Herb Garden Kit
  • Merrithew Yoga Mat Strap
  • Hello Legs Shaving Emulation Lotion
  • 31 Bits $25 Gift Card
  • Sterling Forever $30 Gift Card spring-fab-fit-fun-box-necklace

The FabFitFun box is seasonal so it comes out four times per year. Each box is $49.99 but has a value of over $200. Right now, when you sign up, you can get your first box for $10 off with the special code “TOPMOM“, which is just for my readers. Just enter the code at checkout. (This offer only good for new subscribers.) To sign up, go here. Also, when you get your first box, you must come back and tell me how you loved it! spring-fab-fit-fun-box-inspiration


I received promotional products in order to facilitate this post. All opinions are 100% my own.



The Shops at Mission Viejo, Glamour, and GQ Invite You to “Make a Date With Style” at “LOOKBOOK LIVE” This Spring!



lookbook-liveThe Shops at Mission Viejo invited you to ‘Make A Date With Style’ at LOOKBOOK Live, a spring fashion event taking place on Saturday, April 18 from noon to 5 p.m., on the lower level near Nordstrom.  In collaboration with Glamour and GQ magazines. LOOKBOOK Live translates spring’s hottest fashion trends from the runway into real life styles, and shares where to shop for the looks you love – in the place where you love to shop. LOOKBOOK Live kicks off with eight pages of spring fashion trends in Glamour and GQ’s April issues and continues online at simon.com/lookbooklive with his-and-hers in-depth videos on how to wear spring’s best styles.

The LOOKBOOK Live Event Series will bring the best of spring fashion to The Shops at Mission Viejo, providing shoppers with one-on-one interactions and consultations with style experts, along with:

  • Stage Events: Style experts from Glamour and GQ will showcase and discuss fashions worn by male and female models.
  • Style Closets: Date-themed closets will feature his-and-her styles for different spring dates and occasions. Professional stylists will be on hand to help shoppers interpret which looks best fit their lifestyles, body types and budgets.
  • Beauty Stations: Complimentary beauty and grooming touch-ups, tailored to the different style closets, will have shoppers date-ready in a flash.
  • Style Challenges: Engaging activities held every hour that will challenge shoppers to pack a suitcase with their style picks for a selected destination. Style experts will choose the winning suitcases and winners will receive gift card prizes.
  • Shop This Look: “Shop This Look” digital trend cards will be filled out on tablets by the style experts and emailed to shoppers so they can reference them via their mobile devices as they shop. Additionally, a special Gift With Purchase promotion on event day will reward shoppers who purchase their favorite looks at The Shops at Mission Viejo.
  • Photo Booth: Snap a shot with your boyfriend, girlfriend or BFF and share on social media, or print and take it home as a style souvenir.
  • Enter for a Chance to Win a $2,500 Shopping Spree: Shoppers who post a photo of their favorite spring look, inspired by these trends, to Twitter or Instagram using both #foundatsimon and #gqglamourcontestentry will be entered to win a $2,500 Simon shopping spree.

A special invitation-only VIP welcome lounge will be available during the LOOKBOOK Live event to local insiders, media and VIP guests, featuring light bites, refreshments and special access to tour the style and beauty stations.

During LOOKBOOK Live, The Shops at Mission Viejo will partner with Mission Hospital to honor four breast cancer survivors with a new head-to-toe look, including an outfit, hair and makeup makeover, courtesy of the center.

Breast Health Wall of HonorThe presentation is meant to bring awareness to the 13th annual Think Pink Breast Health Wall of Honor that will be displayed this October at The Shops at Mission Viejo. Each year, shoppers have the opportunity to honor or remember a loved one by donating $25 to place a hand-written card on the Wall of Honor. Donations to underwrite the cost of a mammogram or diagnostic procedure ($100) for someone who could not otherwise afford it, are also encouraged.

thnk-pink-wallConnect with The Shops at Mission Viejo on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I Treated Myself to a Massage and a Pedi! Amazing Deals Online With UnBOOKed Appointments!

When’s the last time you took some time for you and got a massage, facial, or even a pedicure?  I’m guessing you just muttered something under your breath about not having time because that’s pretty much my answer for everything these days! If it’s not the lack of time for “me”, it’s the fact that I really shouldn’t be spending that kind of money on myself, since I have a daughter who’s always in need of something! I sometimes come across coupons for services but honestly, who wants to actually cut out a coupon, bring it with you, and remember to use the coupon?

Enter UnBOOKed Appointments….

unBOOKed-newI had never heard of UnBOOKed Appointments until recently! It’s so convenient for a busy, working mom like me. Basically, it’s an online community that partners with local businesses to to create a marketplace for you to FIND and BOOK confirmed appointments for beauty, health and home services. If you have the flexibility to come in during their slow times, then they’ll offer their services at a great price without the hassle of redeemable coupons. offer services at discounted prices. It’s like an online happy hour!

servicesUnBOOKed currently offers services from providers in Orange County, LA, Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego. There are also some offered in Knoxville, Tennessee and Miami, Florida. Their goal is to grow nationally though.

You can choose from services in the following categories:

  • Beauty and Spas
  • Health and Fitness
  • Home and Garden
  • Auto
  • Things to do

When you visit the unBOOKed site, you can choose from a pull-down menu of categories to browse or put in a desired area. Then browse to find amazing deals at these local businesses. Booking your appointment is so easy. You browse the categories, select the times and pick out yours. You then book and pay for the service by credit card. (Gratuity is not included in the price and of course, always appreciated at the time of service).

bookedSo I did it! I booked myself an appointment and had some “me time“!  I picked a location right by the beach, too! I had the most positive experience with unBOOKed and was so happy with my services too! I thought it was pretty useful to not only receive an email after I paid for my appointment on the site, but also to receive a reminder email and text on the day of my actual appointment! That’s especially helpful for times when I get “mommy brain”..you know, when you can’t remember what you even ate for breakfast? Reminders are good!

text-reminderHere’s the good news…UnBOOKed has given me a few special codes to give away to five of my readers! Each is good for $20 towards your first appointment. How awesome is that? If you’d like one of these codes, just comment on this post about what your favorite way to pamper yourself is! Then, leave your email address so I can email you your code. Once you have your code, just create your account on UnBOOKed, book an appointment, and when it asks for your code, enter the one I send you! If you go, you’ll have to come back here and tell me how it was!

Connect with unBOOKed Appointments on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!